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Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)

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Autista dell'ammiraglia
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Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)

Post by emmea90 » 23/04/2018, 9:59

Contest #6 - Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)
A small contest before Giro d'Italia that will focus mainly on Tour de Romandie. Not on the race itself but as preparation for Giro d'Italia.

Tour de Romandie declares bankrupt. You have to draw a new race - of six days, World Tour - that took Tour de Romandie spot - as a preparation race for Giro d'Italia.

- Technical difficulties should be the same of Romandie (not 2018 edition in particular and this does not mean you have to provide exactly the same type of stages in details, for example the CTT)
- You can't draw it in Switzerland
- You can't draw it in Italy, Spain or France - the three Grand Tours country
- You have to focus the race on a region/particular area, limiting transfers
- You can track it where you want but Europe is preferable due to transfers after Liege

Deadline: 26 may 2018, h 23.59

Mauro: maps/tours/view/9086
Belgian4444: maps/tours/view/9076 +3 presentation
Alfa: maps/tours/view/9089 +3 presentation
Emilio.Torre: maps/tours/view/9087 +3 presentation
Ded-Moroz: maps/tours/view/9103 +3 presentation
Simon-Pierre-7: maps/tours/view/9124
Lorenzo06: maps/tours/view/9106
Chiumiento: maps/tours/view/9093 +3 presentation
Alx989: maps/tours/view/9167
Timonierop: maps/tours/view/9170
Emilio.Torre-V2: maps/tours/view/9197
Simone.Galbiati: maps/tours/view/9208
ZaroX: maps/tours/view/9177
xiky: maps/tours/view/9195 +3 presentation
Math.Voet: maps/tours/view/9206
Alx989-v2: maps/tours/view/9172
Antonivds: maps/tours/view/9122 +3 presentation
IamCeeKae: maps/tours/view/9244
Simone.Galbiati-V2: maps/tours/view/9250
Chiumiento-v2: maps/tours/view/9239 +3 presentation
Simone.Galbiati-V3: maps/tours/view/9270
Tomremn: maps/tours/view/9196
Giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/9266
Giorgio.ponticelli-v2: link missing
jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/9094
david.tuci: maps/tours/view/9332
mike4296: maps/tours/view/9110
nebe: maps/tours/view/9369
Rmax85: maps/tours/view/9088
Rmax85-v2: maps/tours/view/9114
Rmax85v3: maps/tours/view/9116
Pr8: maps/tours/view/9484
Xander66: contests/maps/tours/view/9488
Pincoletto: maps/tours/view/9143 +3 presentation
Gamers21: maps/tours/view/9115
Caramelmou: maps/tours/view/9493 +3 presentation
Maust: maps/tours/view/9461
Xander66: maps/tours/view/9507 +3 presentation
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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)

Post by Alfa » 28/05/2018, 10:33

Where can we vote?

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Autista dell'ammiraglia
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Location: Milano

Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)

Post by emmea90 » 28/05/2018, 20:32

I'll open soon a topic. Submission of route is closed.
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