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Giro d'Italia 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 4/5)

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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Giro d'Italia 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 4/5)

Post by emmea90 »

Contest #2 - Giro d'Italia 2018
The first GT contest (Cat. 1) of the year will, of course, be on Giro d'Italia. Why I'll open it so early? Because drawing a GT is not for all and i want to give you three months to do it (at least say thanks)

The contest will be about redrawing the 2018 Giro d'Italia. That will mainly means
- You have to keep the start from Israel. You can change the starting points and cities but you have to pass on West Jerusalem and you cannot go in Palestinian territories for safety reasons.
- You have to end it in Rome
- You cannot repeat finals or key parts of stages of 2017 real race
- You have to put a stage start or a stage finish in at least 15 different regions
- 2018 is 100 years after WWI end, so you have to remember it in at least two stages

Opposite from the other contests, you can have a maximum of TWO routes submitted for this one

The Giro should be balanced, offering a "Dumoulin" and a "Quintana" the same chances to compete for the maglia rosa.

The Deadline will be on 4/5, when the first rider of real Giro d'Italia will start his ITT

You must submit your routes in this topic submitting the link. As stated in general presentation, you can submit from 1 to 3 routes. You can use this topic also for asking the question - we can answer question about climb / road / finish praticability but we won't answer to anyone's questions in private, only in this topic.

Everyone who will present the route also posting in the topic profiles and descriptions in this topic will start the voting phase with 3 points bonus

Good luck anyone


In Italian:

Il contest verte sul ridisegnare il Giro 2018 con queste condizioni

A) Mantenere la partenza da Israele, senza sconfinare in altri stati o territori palestinesi. Si possono cambiare le città ma bisogna passare da Gerusalemme
B) Bisogna finire a Roma
C) Non si possono ripetere finali o punti chiavi di tappe del Giro 2017
D) Bisogna inserire almeno una partenza o arrivo di tappa in 15 diverse regioni italiane
E) Bisogna inserire almeno due tappe a tema (o con punti che tocchino il tema) "100 anni dalla fine della prima guerra mondiale"

Si possono mandare fino a due percorsi per utente

Il percorso deve essere bilanciato tra cronoman-scalatori, permettendo di essere vinto sia da un Dumoulin che da un Quintana

Chiunque posti il percorso con profili e descrizioni nel topic avrà tre punti bonus per la presentazione


Routes submitted:
emilio.torre: maps/tours/view/8235
ivan98: maps/tours/view/8238
mauro: maps/tours/view/8284
alfa: maps/tours/view/8281
Anthofou31: maps/tours/view/8297
pereiroseleccion: maps/tours/view/8254
simone.galbiati: maps/tours/view/8237
xiky: maps/tours/view/8377
benoit.guillot: maps/tours/view/8288
ded-moroz: maps/tours/view/8395
belgian4444: maps/tours/view/8416
crisborto11: maps/tours/view/8454
lorenzo.tripodi: maps/tours/view/8441
jsavi: maps/tours/view/8327
lorenzo06: maps/tours/view/8506
emilio.torrei-v2: maps/tours/view/8718
simone.galbiati-v2: maps/tours/view/8807
pereiroseleccion-v2: maps/tours/view/8343
david.tuci: maps/tours/view/8361
david.tuci-v2: maps/tours/view/8360
chiumiento: maps/tours/view/8848
kevink: maps/tours/view/8622
lorenzo.ciconte: maps/tours/view/8972
bomby: maps/tours/view/9004
federico.belluco: maps/tours/view/8952
alberto.avanzi: maps/tours/view/8473
laplaz: maps/tours/view/8964
melz2309: maps/tours/view/8249
jibivalverde: maps/tours/view/8551
quagmire: maps/tours/view/8146
mike4296: maps/tours/view/8547
az1234t: maps/tours/view/8935
rdz1201: maps/tours/view/9156
nebe-v1: maps/tours/view/8498
nebe-v2: maps/tours/view/8758
paoloagb: maps/tours/view/9186
rmax85: maps/tours/view/8253
ciroabete: maps/tours/view/8300
pincoletto: maps/tours/view/8713
xflyinghighx: maps/tours/view/9221
EliaVeronesi: maps/tours/view/8344
Maino della Spinetta: maps/tours/view/8989
Taaramae_crack: maps/tours/view/9214
Marco08: maps/tours/view/8797
Nat63: maps/tours/view/8296
Alegard: maps/tours/view/9055
CaramelMou: maps/tours/view/9147
Giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/8252
Giorgio.ponticelli-v2: maps/tours/view/8616
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Re: Giro d'Italia 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 4/5)

Post by mels2309 »

Do we have to vote again somewhere?

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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
Posts: 711
Joined: 17/05/2011, 15:47
Location: Milano

Re: Giro d'Italia 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 4/5)

Post by emmea90 »

mels2309 wrote:
16/05/2018, 22:44
Do we have to vote again somewhere?
Voting is there contests/giro-2018-contest-voting-t7111.html#p29984
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