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Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

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Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by emmea90 » 28/05/2018, 23:06

Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

In this topic you can vote for the Winter Stage Races, according to the following rules.


How to vote

1 - You have to judge the track according to the requirements. This time I'll link the topic because it's too long to quote. Check the post
2 - You have to write in a post your best FIVE routes, from worse to best, providing a brief motivation for each choice




How does it work?
- First choice got 6 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 and fifth 1 point.
- Presentation bonus grant you 3 points (we will add later with penalties who took the bonus)
- Ranking will be made according to points obtained
- In case of equality I will decide the winner
- You can also comment other people's reviews regarding your or other one's routes

Who can vote?
- Every user that submitted a contest (full points vote)
- Every user in the La Flamme Rouge Staff (Emmea90, Pigna, Sagan99, Matthorse, Nasdon33, Linkinito, Bose12)
- Every user that has registered BEFORE 13 march 2018 and has at least 10 tracks in the editor. In this case, his votes counts half of the points scale

- Every user that submitted a contest and doesn't submit a valid vote (with 5 choices and motivations) will get a 10 points penalty for all his routes.
- It's FORBBIDDEN to ask for votes. Who will be caught public or privately asking for a vote to some users will get a 50 points penalty in first instance, then the exclusion from all the contests of the year
- Vote penalties for unpracticable routes will be assigned by staff during this phase

Deadline for vote phase is 10 june 2018, h 23.59 (two weeks)

Mauro: maps/tours/view/9086
Belgian4444: maps/tours/view/9076 +3 presentation
Alfa: maps/tours/view/9089 +3 presentation
Emilio.Torre: maps/tours/view/9087 +3 presentation
Ded-Moroz: maps/tours/view/9103 +3 presentation
Simon-Pierre-7: maps/tours/view/9124
Lorenzo06: maps/tours/view/9106
Chiumiento: maps/tours/view/9093 +3 presentation
Alx989: maps/tours/view/9167
Timonierop: maps/tours/view/9170
Emilio.Torre-V2: maps/tours/view/9197
Simone.Galbiati: maps/tours/view/9208
ZaroX: maps/tours/view/9177
xiky: maps/tours/view/9195 +3 presentation
Math.Voet: maps/tours/view/9206
Alx989-v2: maps/tours/view/9172
StCa90: maps/tours/view/9188
Antonivds: maps/tours/view/9122 +3 presentation
Antonivds-v2: maps/tours/view/9233 +3 presentation
IamCeeKae: maps/tours/view/9244
Simone.Galbiati-V2: maps/tours/view/9250
Chiumiento-v2: maps/tours/view/9239 +3 presentation
Simone.Galbiati-V3: maps/tours/view/9270
Tomremn: maps/tours/view/9196
Giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/9266
Giorgio.ponticelli-v2: maps/tours/view/9286
jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/9094
david.tuci: maps/tours/view/9332
mike4296: maps/tours/view/9110
nebe: maps/tours/view/9369
Rmax85: maps/tours/view/9088
Rmax85-v2: maps/tours/view/9114
Rmax85v3: maps/tours/view/9116
Alfav2: maps/tours/view/9467 +3 presentation
Pr8: maps/tours/view/9484
Xander66: contests/maps/tours/view/9488
Pincoletto: maps/tours/view/9143 +3 presentation
Gamers21: maps/tours/view/9115
Caramelmou: maps/tours/view/9493 +3 presentation
Maust: maps/tours/view/9461
Xander66: maps/tours/view/9507 +3 presentation
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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by emilio.torre » 28/05/2018, 23:27

I Start with my vote

5th position - Gamers21 : maps/tours/view/9115
Little mistakes not exceptional but so exiting work

4th position - Pincoletto : maps/tours/view/9143
Simply perfect but with justifiable errors

3rd position - Giorgio.ponticelli : maps/tours/view/9266
Excellent route and excellent region choice

2nd position - Simone.Galbiati : maps/tours/view/9208
Perfect route with little mistakes, not bad as work

1st position - Mauro: maps/tours/view/9086
A very nice route

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by antoninvds » 29/05/2018, 11:36

Hi !
It seems you forgot my second route in your list, I posted both in the same reply. Could you check it please ?


Antonin :beer:

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by Alfa » 29/05/2018, 13:33

Link of my second route

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by Simon_Pierre_7 » 29/05/2018, 21:41

My vote :

5th : Alx989 maps/tours/view/9167
A good work despite curious choices according to me, enabling to discover a new part of Italy/Croatia.

4th :Pr8:maps/tours/view/9484
A nice race in Germany with a attractive moutain stage to Hofsgrund, but with not a lot of opportunities for pures sprinters...

3rd: Antonivds: maps/tours/view/9122
A balanced track in an unknown part of Europe

2nd: Math.Voet:maps/tours/view/9206
A good race and a good opportunity to discover a new beautiful unknown region

1st: xiky maps/tours/view/9195
Very nice route in a nice region. Specially the last stage and the finisch at Belchen.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by Alfa » 29/05/2018, 22:16


5th place : Ded-Moroz

The route is pretty cool, and the region is very ambitious so I put you in my vote.

4th place : ALX989

Interesting route, with the ITT that I really like. Too bad that we cant see enough the fifth stage.

3rd place : mike4296

This one is very nice, but the climbs are a bit misplaced in my opinion, but good work overall.

2nd place : Rmax85

This tour is so cool well done. Good climbs, maybe the ITT a bit long for me.

1st palce : TimoNierop

You win for me because of the originality of the region, and you managed to create a route perfectly, with that mount Vaerskei that I appreciate a lot.

Congrats to all. Can I add that this contest was my favourite of the year because I discovered lots of places that I didnt know, thanks

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by mäth.voet » 30/05/2018, 19:59

5th place:Tour de Bade-Wurtemberg - Di jibvalverde maps/tours/view/9094
Intersting Stages, I like particulary the stage Belchenbahn Talstation great finish.

4th place: Tour of North Portugal - Giro Preparation Race 01 - Di chuimiento maps/tours/view/9093
Hilly stages ! And the region is a little bit unknow. Good race.

3rd place: Giro Preparation Races 1 Slovenia - Di Rmax85 maps/tours/view/9088
Region near Italy is a good think. The stages are well arranged. And the finishes seems to be realistic.

2nd Place: Tour of Bayern Di simone.galbiati maps/tours/view/9208
I hesitated for the first place because it is the race that I find the most interesting but but for me, it maybe misses one or two long climbs for a preparation race at the Giro.

1st Place: Giro Preparation Races 2 Baden-Wurttemberg - Di Rmax85 maps/tours/view/9114
Well proportioned not too difficult but not too easy either. The arrivals seem realistic. I really like Freudenstadt stage my favorite of the contest.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by giorgio.ponticelli » 30/05/2018, 22:14

I send the missing link of Porto region Tour (Giorgio.ponticelli-v2)

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by jibvalverde » 30/05/2018, 22:18

5th position - Attiké Cycling Challenge by mike4296
Nice race, well thought out, with two intriguing mountain stages. Few races in Greece so well done.

4th position - Salonicco region Tour by giorgio.ponticelli
Simple, effective, balanced (33km of TT but 2 high-mountain): very good track

3rd position - Tour of Bohemia by Ded-Moroz
Excellent route and excellent region choice. I like the Kliny stage.

2nd position - Giro Preparation Races 2 Baden-Wurttemberg by Rmax85
I can only adhere to the choice of the region (^^) and the route is excellent. The balance time trial/high mountain is good, the race seems to be lost (or win) everywhere. Ideal.

1st position - Sagan Tour of Slovakia by tomrenm
It was not my first choice at the beginning but, on reflection, I thought it was worth it for originality, as Slovakia was not known for its mountains. Despite that, superb track, everything should be played for seconds, no step queen. Perfect.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by xiky » 01/06/2018, 9:45

Fifth place - Simone.Galbiati-V2
Good relation mountain / ITT and a route, within what Wales offers, with quite a variety of stages.

Fourth place - Math.Voet
Hard route. Good relation mountain / ITT and I really like the stage of Kalamata. I would have obtained a better valuation if the ITT had not been the last day.

Third place - Pr8
The stages very well designed and looking for the battle from afar. If the ITT were a bit longer it was halfway tour, it would have given the best score.

Second place - Caramelmou
I have found it striking that you chose an area with so little mountain, but the route is very good with several small classics and a good proportion of ITT.

First place - Chiumiento
Very complete tour with a lot of stages and a good mountain / ITT relationship.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by david.tuci » 01/06/2018, 18:15

I watched carefully the tracks. I excluded tracks: in dangerous countries, in countries or part of countries too distant from Italy (Norway is too cold for a stage race in april), in countries with not at all tradition in bicycle (like Greece: the start of Giro in 1996 was a disaster), with no high mountain stages or too many high mountain stages, with more than 30 itt km (but i preferred under 20), with no stages for sprinters, of yet existing Tours (ex: tour of Croatia, tour of Slovenia), with too long transfers.
The result is:
5-Alx989 Tour of Istra, maybe a little easy for my taste and in a very small area for more than one edition, but in a beautiful region
4-Antoninvds2 Tour des Sudetes, this one equilibrated but a little easy too...beautiful end in Prague
3-Xiky Tour de baden Wurtemberg Very beautiful and equilibrated not distant from first and second place, but i don't like much the long itt at first stage
2-Maust Volta ao Minho Equilibrated, preferred to the tracks at third place for shorter itt at first stage
1-Pr8 Schwarzwald Rundfahrt: in a beautiful region, one of most equilibrated with the itt at last stage
Last edited by david.tuci on 11/06/2018, 11:57, edited 1 time in total.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by Belgian4444 » 02/06/2018, 13:47

Good tour overall, but I feel some mountains are placed in strange places on some tracks.

FOURTH PLACE: Chuimiento
Route is balanced, but misses one real high mountain stage.

THIRD PLACE: mäth.voet
Almost perfect, I'm just not a fan of stage 5: seems not deciding for the GC.

SECOND PLACE: mike4296
Excellent route, just misses out because of choice of country (Greece has barely a cycling culture).

FIRST PLACE: Pincoletto
Just great!

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by IamCeeKae » 03/06/2018, 14:07

Fifth place, Xander66: maps/tours/view/9507
The route’s plotting is nicely done, although the region of choice isn’t exactly a region. The tour of Morocco appears to be a decent alternative, and the creator of the stage race made sure to stay moderate when it came to the distribution of points. Even though there are no high mountain stages – I at least don’t consider stage three to be one -, the medium mountain ones make for a good alternative for GC riders.

Fourth place, TimoNierop: maps/tours/view/9170
The region of choice is quite original, although a bit too far away from Italy to be considered a giro preparation race. The routes are well mapped, and the total race distance fits well in a 6 stages long stage race.

Third place, Simon_Pierre_7: maps/tours/view/9124
A nice, compact route in a single region. The creator didn’t overdo it in the difficulties of the hill and mountain stages, although I do have some critique in the fact that these stages all end in an uphill finish, even if one of them isn’t categorized. Besides that, the stage race in general falls a bit short.

Second place, Mäth.voet: maps/tours/view/9206
The route, especially the hill and mountain stages, have been very well designed. The variety of uphill and descend finishes can make for some very exciting but also differing stage finals. Despite the region of choice being quite large – covering pretty much the whole peninsula of Peloponnese – the creator of this stage race has made very good use of it.

First place, giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/9266
This version of a stage race, passing through one of the northernmost regions of Greece, is very well mapped. Albeit a bit lengthy for a tour, the creator seems to have been really thoughtful when making this. Props go to the distribution of mountain classification points in this stage race. In all stages, except the medium mountain one, there had not been more than four climbs to gather points from, which is already enough for a single stage. All in all, a great effort for an alternate giro preparation race.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by StCa90 » 05/06/2018, 18:06

Why is my route not in the list to vote for?

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by antoninvds » 07/06/2018, 9:19

Hi, there is my vote pour the Giro Preparation Races contest. I tried to avoid obvious geographic choices like Austria or Germany, others which welcome already a race like Slovenia or Bayern. I took care of the geographic choice, its originality and what it gives to the race itself. I really liked the routes which take place in Norway, but in April, this is still really cold up there, about 9 or 10 degrees in Oslo as an example.

5th place : Pr8, Schwarzwald Tour.
The only all-german route I found really interesting, with a well-balanced route. There is enough TT, some climbs for puncheurs and for climbers, ideal to prepare Giro. Good job !

4th place : DedMoroz, Tour of Bohemia.
A good idea and a good job. It is pity to have no climb classification but the route stays nevertheless nice. It is balanced but I'm afraid of seeing the GC highly changing in the last TT, as the route is not very hard.

3rd place : ALX989, Tour of Istra.
This a nice place to climb, you put enough TT and hard climbs at strategic moments of the race. Really like this route and its proximity with Italy.

2nd place : mäth.voet, Tour of Peloponnese.
A good choice to draw your route : Peloponnesus is ideal to climb and I found your job very interesting. Kalavrita is a perfect training to prepare the third week go a Grand Tour. There is too much TT for me in a 6-day-route.

1st place : Alfa, Volta do Beira.
Portugal is a really good idea, as it is not the most visited country to ride a bike : I like that. This is really well-balanced, with no big transfer and nice mountain stages to fight for the GC.

Well done !

Antonin :beer:

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by Xander66 » 08/06/2018, 11:34

5th place: mauro - Nord-Alpen Tour
I think your stages are a bit too long for a stage race of only one week. But the route is well made and the idea is quite good.

4th place: david.tuci - Tour of Dalmatia
At first I tried to make my own track in this region, but I didn't know how to do it. So I already like your work because of that. Still, transfers are a bit too difficult I believe.

3rd place: TimoNierop - Tour of Oppland
A really interesting region of choice. Of course it's too far from Italy to be an excellent preperation race, but it's a really good track you made here. If not a preperation race, this Tour of Oppland could really be a race of itself.

2nd place: xiky - Tour de Baden Wurtemberg
Nice build-up between the stages, every day is a bit harder than the previous one. Final stage should be interesting. But this region (Germany in general) is just a bit too obvious for this contest, so because of that you end on the second place.

1st place: Alfa - Volta do Beira
Great region, great race. I'm not a big fan of time trials in shorter stage races, only a prologue like you did is more than enough. Just think that two stages over 200km is too much, besides that: perfect.

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by TimoNierop » 08/06/2018, 19:33

FIFTH PLACE: Rmax85-v2 (Baden Wurtemberg)
A difficult race, which is good. Nice routes. I only think 2 ITT are too much.

FOURTH PLACE: Antoninvds-v2 (Tour des Sudetes)
An original area which I like. Despite some little mistakes (rails on the route), the route is good.

THIRD PLACE: Pr8 (Schwarzwald Rundfahrt)
This race has something for every type of rider. Just perfectly balanced.

SECOND PLACE: Alfa-v1 (Volta do Beira)
A great preparation for the Giro with a challenging parcours. Plus, I really like the climb to Serra de Estrela.

FIRST PLACE: xixy (Tour de Baden Wurtemberg)
Just a really good parcours. Perfect

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by chuimiento » 10/06/2018, 15:50

Here is my voting for the Giro Preparation Races:

FIFTH PLACE - 1 pt: Mike4296 / Attiké Cycling Challenge maps/tours/view/9110
Perfect balance between time trial / mountain stages. I like also the presence of various types of stages. I find the third stage too hard (for being just stage 3) and stage 5 too centered in the last climb which is not very steep, so maybe there are not so much attacks.

FOURTH PLACE - 2 pt: Rmax85 / Giro Preparation Races 1 Slovenia maps/tours/view/9088
Also a perfect balance between different types of stages. I find stage 3 too hard for its place in the race and stage 4 somewhat wasted in a 6-day race (it might be a better stage for a large break in a Grand Tour).

THIRD PLACE - 3 pt: Giorgio.ponticelli / Salonicco region Tour maps/tours/view/9266
I like the area but not so much the balance. I also don't like the time trial in stage 2, too early to be a relevant moment for the final overcome of the GC. I find stage 4 literally a perfect stage because its difficulty and placing in the race, and i like very much also stages 3 and 6.

SECOND PLACE - 4 pt: Math.Voet / Tour of Peloponnese maps/tours/view/9206
The balance is very good also. Stages 1 and 2 are the best possible start for a race of this features. After it, stage 3 is very hard too early (maybe better for stage 4 and 5) -although the stage is beautiful-. Stages 5 and 6 are pretty good also.

FIRST PLACE - 6 pt: Pincoletto / Baden-Württemberg Cycling Tour maps/tours/view/9143
Almost a perfect race. Balance is fantastic, every single stage is very good. I specially like stages 3, 5 and 6.

Good luck to everyone!!

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by StCa90 » 11/06/2018, 11:08

This is my voting for the Giro Preparation Races

First of all i have chosen for stage races with stage of maximum 200 km, 1 Time Trial and 2 High Mountain stages. And then i have examined the short list and made a decission to vote for this top 5. ;)

FIFTH PLACE: Gamers21 - Tour Of Croatia
Croatia is a beautiful setting for the race (between Belgium/Italy and Israël). A competitive course, with good climbs. But with 847 km in total a bit to much for me. nonrulo

FOURTH PLACE: Xiky - Tour de Baden Wurtemberg
The total stage lenght of 844 km makes that this race is only my fourth choice. The course is realy competitive and with a lot of difference. I especcialy like the two mountainstages. :)

THIRD PLACE: emilio.torre - Bayern Rundfahrt
Just under 700 km in total racekilometers. A competitive course with two good topmountain finishes makes this course my third choice. ;)

SECOND PLACE: giorgio.ponticelli - Salonicco region Tour
What i especcialy like about this tour is the original place where this race is situated. A WT course in Greece will be realy great! The race is competitive, but with a total of 865,4 km it has a lot of race kms. That is the only reason why its my second choice. 59@@

FIRST PLACE: simone.galbiati - Tour of istria region
Only 669,32 km of racing in this beautiful region. I think this will be the perfect preparation race for the Giro d'Italia. No long stages but a realy competitive course with two mountainstages that i realy like a lot. clap

Good luck to everyone!

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Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3) - Voting

Post by emmea90 » 11/06/2018, 23:05

Vote closed, will count all of it probably tomorrow
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