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2021 Season Contests
Contest #2: Milan - Rome and Bissagne - Guascogne - VOTING
Contest #3: Improved Spring Classic

Contest #3 - Voting

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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Contest #3 - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

In this topic you can vote for the Tour de France 2019 Contest, according to the following rules.


How to vote

1 - You have to judge the track according to the requirements.
Time for the annual Tour de France contest.

You have to re-draw and improve 2019 Tour de France

- Gran Depart should be kept the same way (Stage 1 and 2 starts and finishing in Bruxelles, in same points. You can switch finish of stage 1 and 2 or also starts, but a finish point should remain a finish point and a start point should remain a start point)
- Of course you have to end TDF in Champs-Elysees. This means that stage 20 must end near the start of Stage 21 or (hopefully) near a city that has TGV
- You cannot repeat key parts of Tour de France 2018 real stages
- You have to put a stage start or a stage finish in at least 7 different france regions
- You can freely choose what to do before Alps or Pyrenees
- 2019 Tour is dedicated to Merckx, so you have to reference him in at least three stages after Bruxelles. The reference could be whatever you want... same final of a famous stage that wins, passage on birthplace or his house and on
- You can do at least another stage in Belgium and you cannot go out of France after the Belgium Stages
- You must have from 5 to 7 stages for pure sprinters, Paris included - and no more than 2 of them consequently
- There should be at least 2 high mountain stages that does NOT end in a MTF

Tour must be done using Tour de France - 2019 profiles, with Large X-Size and slopes on to have an easy comparison between different routes.

Everyone who will present the route also posting in the topic profiles and descriptions in this topic will start the voting phase with 3 points bonus

Good luck to all
2 - You have to write in a post your best FIVE routes, from worse to best, providing a brief motivation for each choice




How does it work?
- First choice got 6 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 and fifth 1 point.
- Presentation bonus grant you 3 points (we will add later with penalties who took the bonus)
- Ranking will be made according to points obtained
- In case of equality I will decide the winner
- You can also comment other people's reviews regarding your or other one's routes

Who can vote?
- Every user that submitted a contest (full points vote)
- Every user in the La Flamme Rouge Staff (Emmea90, Pigna, Sagan99, Matthorse, Nasdon33, Linkinito, Bose12)
- Every user that has registered BEFORE june 27 2019 and has at least 10 tracks in the editor. In this case, his votes counts half of the points scale

- Every user that submitted a contest and doesn't submit a valid vote (with 5 choices and motivations) will get a 10 points penalty for all his routes.
- It's FORBBIDDEN to ask for votes. Who will be caught public or privately asking for a vote to some users will get a 50 points penalty in first instance, then the exclusion from all the contests of the year
- Vote penalties for unpracticable routes will be assigned by staff during this phase

Voting will close when first rider will pass the finish line of Tour de France 2019 Stage 21.

emilio.torre: maps/tours/view/11920
mauro: maps/tours/view/11874 +3 presentation
diego12alpe: maps/tours/view/11932
yellowjersey: maps/tours/view/11875 +3 presentation
alfa: maps/tours/view/11906 +3 presentation
IamCeeKae: maps/tours/view/12014 +3 presentation
Benoit.Guillot: maps/tours/view/11942 +3 presentation
Joostvandebeek: maps/tours/view/11929 +3 presentation
pierrick.weather: maps/tours/view/12025 +3 presentation
jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/11937 +3 presentation
JADmeal: maps/tours/view/11939 +3 presentation
Comme: contests/maps/tours/view/11917
Rober_VLC: maps/tours/view/12084
luigi.russo: maps/tours/view/6294 +3 presentation
Arnorius: maps/tours/view/11901 +3 presentation
Bolieubeach: maps/tours/view/11964 +3 presentation
Tomremn: maps/tours/view/11948
jajoiejoe: maps/tours/view/12096
chiumiento: maps/tours/view/11946 +3 presentation
bocmanis82: maps/tours/view/12106 +3 presentation
coliandro: maps/tours/view/11960 +3 presentation
pastkaz: maps/tours/view/11845 +3 presentation
anderson: maps/tours/view/11928 +3 presentation
mels2309: maps/tours/view/12122 +3 presentation
Xander66: maps/tours/view/11899
MountainMaster: maps/tours/view/12125 +3 presentation

If we forgot your route, please contact me in DM
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Re: Contest #3 - Voting

Post by Anderson »

5. Arnorius (1p)
Nice idea of passing Paris before Stage 21, interesting places for Mountain Top Finishes. Too long transfers at the end.

4. Bolieubeach (2p)
Route is very similar to mine. Nice finish cities, I really like Station d'Issarbe and ITT in Sete, but rather boring end. After Orcieres-Merlette there will probably be no changes in the GC.

3. Mauro (3p)
Very intensive and hard route, great selection of finish locations. Really like Bretagne gravel and MTF at Col de la Loze.
What I dislike is that Mur-de-Bretagne and Alpe d'Huez play a significant role in your route, but have been included in real 2018 route.

2. luigi.russo (4p)
Finally, someone puts an ITT in the very last stage. Well balanced route which covers all French mountain ranges. I love the finishes in Giromagny, Morzine-Avoriaz, Isola and Clermont-Ferrand, highlights of your route. Small negative point : Col de Turini and Nice will be included in 2020, so a bit repetitive.

1. Alfa (6p)
In the end, the deserved winner! The best organization : almost no transfers and great finish facilities, but still you were able to include a lot of regions. Perfect decision to include Puy de Dome and Col de Granon which have been left off too long. Tignes stage is way better with Galibier. And what a cool finish with Col de Ramaz and Pierre Carree! Only negative : 6 is too many stages with more than 220km, and you are over the 3500km total limit.
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Re: Contest #3 - Voting

Post by rober_vlc »

It wasn't easy for me chose wich tours are better... This is my election.

First and 6 points. JostvandeBeek maps/tours/view/11929

For me is the best Tour. All stage and type of stage - plain- medium and high mountain - are very well distributed, having a nice end wit ITT at 18 and a nice ending with great climbs in Pyrinees but with little climbs in 20 stage, different than typical Tour with an ending col.

Second and 4 points. Luigi.russo maps/tours/view/6294

Exist an very great study back of this Tour about Eddy Merckx carrier, for me better than other. ITT in Paris and new cols to discover makes this Tour a great job.

Third and 3 points. Diego 12Alpe maps/tours/view/11932

Is a hard Tour and i like it. SuperCollet stage is very, very hard and in a real Tour should be an historical stage, with
abandonments and a lot of minutes losed for important cyclist. Special attention of Basquian stages.

Fourth and 2 points. JAdmeal maps/tours/view/11939

Exist a difference between the other Tour, Modane Stage and Monteé de Villard Notre Dame with the cobble - or strade bianche - part at top. I like two next stage

And Fifth and 1 point. Bocmanis82

Usually, La Planche des Belles Filles is at the beginning of Tour of France. Is a nice idea an stage in the end of Tour de France.
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Re: Contest #3 - Voting

Post by Xander66 »

Honestly speaking, I think the average quality of entries for this contest was pretty low… I didn’t see much routes I instantly liked, so it was quite tough to pick out 5 Tours which I wanted to give points.

I personally had some rules to make my voting easier, some of the criteria I used are listed here with a short explanation
• No MTF on the Ventoux: we all saw what happened last time, so I honestly don’t want to see a finish up there anytime soon
• Eddy Merckx: so this Tour de France was all about the legend of Merckx, and you had to visit some places to honour him. Why some people visited Puy de Dôme, Pra Loup… (locations and
events where Merckx probably doesn’t want to be reminded of) Why you would even consider these places to “honour” him, I simply don’t get it.
• Stage lengths were pretty important for me as well. Stages above 200km can’t be avoided, I know that, but 4-5 should be enough.
• …

After checking every route on these criteria, not many were left. I honestly didn’t even had the motivation to look if finish/starting points were practical, afraid maybe no one would be left. My choices are simply based on first thoughts after taking a quick look.

5th: benoit.guillot
Nothing very special about your Tour, just a simple race without too many mistakes. What I didn’t like at all is your ending. Why the sprinter stages? You could’ve switched them with the high mountains according to me.

4th: boileubeach
I really liked to map you made. The route you made was pretty good too, just not my personal taste somehow. Can’t really explain this feeling, I just missed something.

3rd: iamceekae
Well balanced Tour, enough chances for every type of rider. To be perfect I needed a few ITT km’s maybe, but it’s a pretty nice. Your third stage around the Kemmelberg could be very enjoyable, climbs are far from the finish, but could definitely cause some chaos, perfect choice.

2nd: mels2309
Close to number 1, but just not enough. I personally needed a longer ITT, and you had a few really classic finish/start locations (also a few new and creative ones, very glad to see those). As I already said, it was a close call for 1st place, you just lost it in the details.

1st Jadmeal
I just immediately had a good feeling when I was checking out your Tour, so it was pretty clear for me you would be close to the first spot. It was close with mels, but I think you deserved it.
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Re: Contest #3 - Voting

Post by jajoejoe »

5th: Yellowjersey
Balanced tour which covers quite alot of France. Could’ve toned it down a bit with the transfers

4th: Tomrenm
Although quite long, this Tour is still acceptable. I find the choice of the Ballon d’Alsace and Puy de Dome a bit cliche, also considering the fact that Puy de Dome is unavailable as finish

3th: Pastkaz
Liked the route, not much to say more about it, although I’m not a big fan of the fact there are 10 stages inbetween 2 sprint stages and the large transfer between 14&15

2th: Chuimiento
I just love the originality of the overall route

First: Joostvandebeek
Some really original MtFs and I’m a really big fan of the last stage before Paris
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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Joined: 17/05/2011, 15:47
Location: Milano

Re: Contest #3 - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Voting closed.
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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
Posts: 791
Joined: 17/05/2011, 15:47
Location: Milano

Re: Contest #3 - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Contest ranking
luigi.russo 38
bocmanis82 31
Joostvandebeek 27
JADmeal 26
Arnorius 20
alfa 18
pastkaz 16
chiumiento 16
jibvalverde 14
mels2309 14
Bolieubeach 12
Benoit.Guillot 11
MountainMaster 10
IamCeeKae 10
yellowjersey 8
Tomremn 7
Xander66 5
anderson 4
mauro 2
emilio.torre 0
Rober_VLC 0
pierrick.weather -2
diego12alpe -6
coliandro -7
Comme -7
jajoiejoe -9

luigi.russo 100
bocmanis82 80
Joostvandebeek 70
JADmeal 60
Arnorius 50
alfa 40
pastkaz 35
chiumiento 30
jibvalverde 25
mels2309 20
Bolieubeach 15
Benoit.Guillot 10
MountainMaster 5
IamCeeKae 2
yellowjersey 1
Software Engineer, Cycling Fanatic
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