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2020 Season Contests
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Contest #6 - Voting

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Contest #6 - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Contest #6 - Voting
In this topic you can vote for the Giro Upside down


How to vote

1 - You have to judge the track according to the requirements.
The final contest of the season will be about Giro d'Italia.

What we want you to do is to draw a Giro upside down, like it was in 2009 (but better than that s**t route)

The only constraints of Giro are the following
1. You are not allowed to do stages in last week in Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and the regions above
2. One stage of last week must have a finish in Calabria
3. Campania, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata, Abruzzo must have at least stage finish in the race.
4. You are not allowed to start or go out of Italy
5. There should be at least 3 high mountain stages in last week

Deadline will be on Saturday October 12, when first rider passes the finish line on Giro di Lombardia
2 - You have to write in a post your best FIVE routes, from worse to best, providing a brief motivation for each choice




How does it work?
- First choice got 6 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 and fifth 1 point.
- Presentation bonus grant you 3 points (we will add later with penalties who took the bonus)
- Ranking will be made according to points obtained
- In case of equality I will decide the winner
- You can also comment other people's reviews regarding your or other one's routes

Who can vote?
- Every user that submitted a contest (full points vote)
- Every user in the La Flamme Rouge Staff (Emmea90, Pigna, Sagan99, Matthorse, Nasdon33, Linkinito, Bose12)
- Every user that has registered BEFORE october 10 2019 and has at least 10 tracks in the editor. In this case, his votes counts half of the points scale

- Every user that submitted a contest and doesn't submit a valid vote (with 5 choices and motivations) will get a 10 points penalty for all his routes.
- It's FORBBIDDEN to ask for votes. Who will be caught public or privately asking for a vote to some users will get a 50 points penalty in first instance, then the exclusion from all the contests of the year
- Vote penalties for unpracticable routes will be assigned by staff during this phase

Voting will close friday november 1 on 23,59.

jajoejoe: maps/tours/view/12865 +3pres
mauro: maps/tours/view/12887
sportdani19: maps/tours/view/12872
kanon16: maps/tours/view/12918 +3pres
chiumiento: maps/tours/view/12880 +3pres
benoit.guillot: maps/tours/view/12863 +3pres
improb: maps/tours/view/11805 +3pres
nibali-sanbaronto: maps/tours/view/12921 +3pres
ellvey: maps/tours/view/12960 +3pres
emilio.torre: maps/tours/view/11069
AjachiChakrabarti: maps/tours/view/13024 +3pres
ivan98: maps/tours/view/13040
giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/11773 +3pres
JoostvandeBeek: maps/tours/view/12966 +3pres
jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/12947
luigi.russo: maps/tours/view/13066 +3pres
pastkaz: maps/tours/view/12862 +3pres
paoloagb: maps/tours/view/13087 +3pres
arnorius: maps/tours/view/12893

If we forgot your route, please contact me in DM
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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by benoît.guillot »

Hi guys ! Here's my vote !

FIFTH PLACE maps/tours/view/12960 by Elvey
Tracking all right, not much originality but a well balanced route, despite a kind of boring first week with not enough difficulties.

FOURTH PLACE maps/tours/view/12880 by chuimiento
Here's typically a pretty good Giro but the originality is sometimes missing. The constraints seemed to have forced some choices that I don't like (the three last moutain stage, not difficult enough for me)

THIRD PLACE maps/tours/view/11805 by improb
A good Giro with good utilisation of the Alps despite the constraint of going south. Too many transfer between the stages tough.

SECOND PLACE maps/tours/view/12921 by Nibali-SanBaronto
I Love the shape of the route ! It's very esthetic in a first place on the map there's no mistakes and it could be on the first place for me but, i wanted to see a tour with a roman stage on my first place.

FIRST PLACE maps/tours/view/11773 by giorgio.ponticelli
So yes, the first week is dedicated to sprinter but the rest of the route was made with praticclay no mistakes at all ! And what a pleasure to see a start from the capital !

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by ellvey »

Hello everyone! First of all i want to congratulate everyone for their routes, there were some great ideas in here and it wasn't easy to pick my top 5 :) We should let them know we're for hire ahahaha

FIFTH PLACE maps/tours/view/12918 by Kanon16
I really like your giro until the 2nd rest day, with a bit of everything, hills, mountains, sterrato, flat stages. I like your alpine stages as the first mountain range, hard stages without going too "Zomegnan" (ahaha), I'm particularly fond of the stage finish in Rovereto. Nice mid mountain stages, the one finishing in Lerici reminds me of that stage in 2015 where Astana went ballistic on the run into La Spezia. However your last week really lacks hard mountain stages, with at least one real "tappone" on it to go along with the stage that finishes in Riva. I do like your stage that goes through Sasso Tetto and Passo di Gualdo, but it reminds me more of something in between 2018's Sappada stage and the Monte Petrano stage in 2009. I have to say though, i'm not really a big fan of your Boeing 7-7-7 idea ahahaha

FORTH PLACE maps/tours/view/12966 by JoostvandeBeek
A very hard and creative Giro, very climber friendly. I absolutely love your inclusion of the Ligurian Alps, a region i'm dying to see it in the Giro, however i do think that particular stage you designed would be slighty better placed at the end of the 2nd week on in the 3rd of a grand tour, it's way too hard to be the first introduction to the mountains in my opinion. Most of the stages throughout the Giro look very entertaining, and you managed to pull of a nice 3rd week. I like your last stage, it asks for riders to be adventurous and go very long if they want to win, it reminds me of the last mountain stage on this year's Vuelta, with the difference that Figliolo is way harder than Peña Negra. I'd prefer if the next stage wasn't a TT when it comes to a stage designed like this, creating an all or nothing scenario and hopefully creating some really aggressive racing. The transfer between Leonessa and Sulmona looks a bit too long. Overall i think this route is a bit too hard, reason why i didn't place it higher.

THIRD PLACE maps/tours/view/12880 by chuimiento
This is a very well designed Giro regarding its balance between TT, mountain stages and flat stages. That stage 11 to Candela is insane, it's looks like an Amstel with LBL climbs xDD. I love your stage 14, It reminds me a bit of the Mortirolo-Aprica combo, if not exactly in profile, but in the possible scenarios in play. The last downhill in stage 15 into Reggio looks a bit too dangerous, half of it reminds me of Crostis and Cazon di Lanza descents, steep, technical and on a very narrow road. Well they actually went through Cazon di Lanza's downhill, so maybe they could also descend this? But the big con to your Giro is, as was pointed before, is the lack of a really hard mountainous 3rd week. They are certainly very interesting stages, but i think since you don't have too many mountain stages previously, it asks for at least 1 hard stage with longer climbs on the line with the Reggio di Calabria stage, as i feel those 3 stages are too similar to each other and closer to a Vuelta mountain stage than to a Giro mountain stage. On the other hand, your choice of a Cima Coppi is absolutely genious, totally comedy gold! Well done, i totally approve! All hail Valico di Monte Cristo, the most glorious of all of the Cima Coppi.

SECOND PLACE maps/tours/view/11805 by Improb
This is a really hard Giro, maybe a bit too hard, but i really love your choice of mountains, Colle di san Fermo, the Alpine stage, Monte Penice, Montalto (OMG!), Colle Ruggio+Madonna del Pollino, etc. Your route simply allows great, aggressive racing throughout the entire Giro. I think you achieved a nice balance between TT, flat and mountain stages. On the downside, you have too many "tappone" stages (like pretty much all of the mountain ones xD). In your route i'd prefer one or 2 mountain stages without that many climbs, maybe only with one cat 1 or 2 before, or even with only small climbs beforehand.

FIRST PLACE maps/tours/view/11773 by giorgio.ponticelli
I have to say this, from the stage 1 until stage 18, from my point of view it looks so beautiful, perfect balance, great mid mountain stages, there's a bit to tempt every type of rider in this route. I love your alpine stages, you used climbs that are long overdue to return to the Giro, such as Croce Domini and Giovo, and also love your stage to Camigliatello Silano. However i do have a few issues with your last 2 mountain stages. In my opinion, one of them is okay to be like this, but the other should allow the opportunity for long range attacks and tactical plays, and i don't think their profiles offer it. Both stages are all about the last climb. Particularly in stage 20, Monte Galliciano is simply too hard to tempt the maddest of riders to consider an attack in the Aspromonte. (not even Lopez would dare lol)

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by sportdani19 »

I Miss...

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by luigi.russo »

Here is my vote.
I preferred route with hardest mountain stages in the Appennines rather than in the Alps and without too much transfers, because i think these are the key points of this concepts.

5th place: chiumiento
A very good route even without mountain stage in Alps or in Tuscany, I liked very much the variety of the mountain stages.
The idea of a last week without top mountain finish is also good and the stages are suitable for long range attack, but I dislike the positioning of the very long ITT after them and not before.

4th place: nibali-sanbaronto
A lot of good stages, especially the mountains stages with a lot of climbs, and with pratically no transfer, very good.
But there are something I don't like: three sprinter stages in last week, a rest day after a very difficult ITT, two real "tappone" too close and maybe too early (stage 10 and 11).

3rd place: ellvey
I like very much this route: a very tough second week and very well designed third week mountain stages, right amount of time trial and tricky stage in Grado and Fabriano.
Only one big mistake: too loong transfer between stages, notably the one between Alberobello and Policoro is way too long, especially before an over 230km stage.

2nd place: pabloagb
Very good high and middle mountain stages, I like very much the triptique Pisa ITT - Abetone top finish - Forlì middle mountain.
The last two week have a lot of spectacular stages too, but no sprint between stage 6 and 20 maybe is too much. With a plain stage in L'Aquila or Crotone, it would have been my first place.

1st place: improb
Very spectacular route with key stages well distribuited, long and well designed mountain stages. I like very much the tappone of Agnone in the day after Blockhaus and the tough but not extreme last week.

I liked giorgio.ponticelli route too, the mountain stages are very well designed (especially in the Alps) but the last three mountain stages present all the hardest climb as the last one, making difficult a long rage attack to revolutionize the classification. It would have been my sixth place.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by pabloagb »

5th place: nibali-sanbaronto
Good first week, although the ITT should go before the mountain stage at Borgo San Dalmazzo. That stage is great, but it is on the limit of how tough a first mountain stage should be. The second week is the greatest asset of your proposal, with great stages and a great structure too. The last week is fine, but there are too many mountain-top finishes (Piano di Novacco is another great stage).
4th place: giorgio.ponticelli
The first five stages are too boring. At least there is a good ITT in the first week. I am not a big fan of some of the mountain stages in the first two weeks, but they are alright. What I liked a lot about your Giro is the last week. I think you have used the roads in Calabria better than anyone else. Those mountain stages are wonderful.
3th place: kanon16
The first week is OK, but what makes your Giro great is the second week. Two great Alpine stages without going to the highest climbs over there. The rest of the proposal is fine, especially the structure, but it is not as hard as a Giro should be.
2nd place: luigi.russo
The first week is very nice and tough, but without going into Zomegnan mode. The second week has some interesting stages, and I believe it could work very well in real life. The last week is excellent, with good stages in Montalto and Catania. The structure of the Giro works really well, in my opinion.
1st place: PaStKaz
Overall both the structure and the stage designs are great, well-balanced and with the right amount of toughness. It is the best first week, in my opinion. The second week is fine, concentrating the mountain-top finishes over there, and the last week could be decisive for the GC. It was almost a coin toss between you and luigi, but I chose this one because it has more ITT stages.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by david.tuci »

Really not many tracks I liked. I excluded from my list Giros with all most difficult climbs in the first week and/or only Northern Italy: I think the clue was the opposite...
I disliked in near all tracks too many ITT km and specially in first week; maybe you were too young too remember, but the most boring Giros i ever saw were the 1992 and 1993 ones, when Indurain killed competition in first week. Now the standard in great tours is to insert from 30 to 60 itt km, so really I understand not why to put more than 70 itt km. Even the last Upside down Giro (in 2009) would have been far more interesting if the first itt, whoyld have been 30 km instead of 60.
So my decision:
5-Improb: very well designed and hard route, but with the the giant mistake of a 49 km Itt the 4th day without mountains climbs in previous stages. Alas, it could have been easily a podium giro.

Very near tracks, even these two with too many itt km, but well designed; the Giro by Ellvey is harder: I appreciate very much the presence of San Pellegrino in Alpe

At the end the only two tracks i really liked (it was very difficult to choose):
2-Mauro: probably the hardest track of them all, with the presence of the summit of Etna: I don't know if that's really viable, but the chance, if a day, to have an Upside down Giro consists in that possibility. Too many itt km costs the first spot
1-Giorgio Ponticelli is the winner simply cause is one of the tracks with the least number of itt km. A little softer than previous one, but with Calabrian stages better designed. Probably the only one track where a Carapaz or a Quintana at their best can compete with a Dumoulin or a Roglic at their best.
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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by sportdani19 »

Many Giro are really strange, with many Mountain stages with many GPM and long 230 km, for my opinion the better giro have:
have max. only 4/5 stages with +205km and minimun 1 stages.
The Great Start in a City with min.100k or Historical cities.
The Great Finish in a Important City in The region with min. of 100k .
The Great finish: a plain stage or Circuit stage or ITT with max 30 km.
The Great Start: must have a Prologueare limited with 14km/TTT 25 km max. or have a plain stage.
if the Great Start in plain stage optional have a TTT or ITT in the 2nd or 3rd Stage.
A hilly ITT with or wine ITT in The middle of Giro.
transfer in a day with a max of 100 km.
And this was my parameters for this Contest

5th Place
(i really like the 20.stage and the last week)
4th Place
(the first week really meh but i really like the ITT in 12 stage. and the 20 stage is a real queen stage)
3rd Place
(a Giro with a good mountain in north and south, the only unfair things is the long ITT in last Stage)
2nd Place
(a Giro with a good ideas:The first week with untypical alps stages,the TTT in 2 stage,and the stage in Terminillo,the unfairs was the long transfers in artesine to asti and Spello.)
1st Place
ivan98 (the first and last weeks are really good,only unfair thing is the prologue)

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by chuimiento »

This is my voting for the Giro upside down. I'd like to congratulate all the people who had track: they have made it difficult for me to make the choice. Also it's a pity for some routes, which looked really promising, but I've had to dismiss them because of violations of UCI rules. Finally, I have selected the five routes which, following all the constraints, UCI rules and practicability of transfer, climbs, endings, etc. looked well for me. I've had problems specially to unravel places from 4th to 2nd, as your three routes (jibivalverder, Joostvande Beek and jajajajoe) were in a very similar level in my opinion. I finally have evaluated them according mainly to the accuracy of individual stages rather than the overall balance.

FIFTH PLACE - kanon16 maps/tours/view/12918

I think you tracked too much flat stages and, though, you lack maybe some more TT. I like your choice for the first mountain stage at Passo di Croce Arcana. Same for the Cesena stage (high probability for surprises!). I would not have categorised your stage 15 (Lido di Metaponto) as medium mountain rather than plain, as I think it would finish as a sprint. Finally, I think the Blockhaus stage would have had more potential with more climbs before, as the race will be probably freezed until the very end.

FOURTH PLACE - jibivalverde maps/tours/view/12947

Maybe a little more TT would be perfect to balance completely the route -maybe changing one flat stage into a middle 20-km-long ITT or something like that-. I like better to start with the TT, maybe swapping stages 1 and 2. Stelvio and Gavia in stage 5 is clarly way too much for me so early. Also, the Sampeyre-Fauniera system will be problematic for descents -and we are still at 1st week!-. The second week works well, and the third week lacks the hardness of the first one.

THIRD PLACE - Joostvande Beek maps/tours/view/12966

Maybe too much hard stages: I'd have removed one high or medium mountain stage to have some more flat stages. Forgetting that, the balance is fair enough. I say the same as above: I'd have swapped stages 1 and 2 to have the TT as start. The following stages work well until stage 6, which I find too hard for its placing. I see your stage 8 (Dommodossola) as a way more adequate first week high mountain stage. The second week works well, it would have been maybe better with a little bit more of hardness in mountain stages but it's not bad at all as it is. I'm not allowed to see your stage 18, which is a problem.

SECOND PLACE - jajajajoe maps/tours/view/12865

I'm not really into the 6-6-6 flat-medium mountain-high mountain strategy. I think it lacks balance in the way it gives too much importance to middle mountain stages in a GT which sould favor high mountain and flat over them. However, I think your amount of TT is perfect, though I would have rather swap the order of your three first stages, starting with the TT, continuing with the flat sprint stage and finishing with the hilly one. After that, it works quite well, placing the first difficult stages just in the proper moment. I like some stages such as the Cingoli one. After stage 14, I think you should involve yourself in harder stage, looking for various linked climbs and more high mountain stages rather than medium mountain or one-climb routes, as the only one which fill this issues is the last one -Etna crazy stage-. I love the tracking of Santuario Pietrasanta stage but it's too late for this: a week earlier would have been perfect.

FIRST PLACE - ellvey maps/tours/view/12960

I love the balance between mountain stages and time trial, which is in my opinion the best of all the routes. I also think the mountain stages from stage 15 (Monte Camposauro) to the end are superb. The last week is definitely insane with three great mountain stages. To mention some cons, maybe the stage 8 is too hard for being the first mountain stage and the time trial of stage 12 is maybe too much, although I like it to force climbers to attack early.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by jibvalverde »

FIFTH PLACE - chuimiento

Not very original but an efficient Giro road. And I like a not flat last stage.


I like the second week without high mountain. I just regret the absence of high altitude in last week.

THIRD PLACE - JoostvandeBeek

At first, I was not fan. But, in a second look, it’s good. It’s a Giro very well balanced, with two high mountain in each week with original climbs. I like ITT for finish but 72km of ITT, I think it’s too much.

SECOND PLACE - girgio.ponticelli

I really like your Giro. You first week is very original and great. Your last week if fantastic, I love it.

FIRST PLACE - luigi.russo

Original and very good Giro ! Just for the last stage, I like it. Put high mountain on stage 21, it’s magnificent. I love it.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by PaStKaz »

5th place: JoostvandeBeek
Stages 19th and 20th are very nice but i prefer to see mountain finish on of them. Too much time trail. I dont' like TTT longer than prologue-length at all and this monster TT on stage 9th… it will be very interesting day but i'm not sure that it's good idea. Especially after rest day with very long transfer.

4th place: paoloagb
Not so much very hard mountain finishes, long TT and many medium mountain stages give oportunity to nice battle between punchers, time trailists and classic grand tour specialists. If it was TdF i would say "ok, they stopped doing tours for Pinot and made route for Alaphillipe". Definetely not girostyle race but probably nice to watch.

3rd place: giorgio.ponticelli
Solid route. For me one small hill before finish in Bra it's to less difficulties for first 5 days, i would like to see there more tricky stage.

2nd place: nibali-sanbaronto
Hard and good. This TT on stage 9th is maybe too hard but it's early enough to give chance to reduce time loses and overall we have 60 km of TT so let's say it's ok.

1st place ellvey
I feel that emotions will grow day after day on this race… when i look at it without this TT in the middle. Or rather without 10 kms of this TT. Blockhaus on next day save it a little but for me it's weak point. Rest is good, i like so much classic big mountain stage at day before end of tour.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by kanon16 »

Here my vote.
I prefer a Giro with not more than 70-80 Km ITT and not more than 3 stages with 5000 m (or more) of denivel.
There are really many interesting traces and it was difficult to decide!
I admit also that I don't like so much the arrival in Gambarie, used by many, because I find it not very scenic for a mountain stage.
I tried to evaluate the visual impact of the arrival location in addition to the technical difficulty of the climbs because I think it's a crucial aspect, mostly in the third week.

FIFTH PLACE: Pabloagb maps/tours/view/13087
To much ITT for me, and first week too hard! There are 3 stages (Estoul, Abetone and Forlì) over 4000 m of denivel in the first 9...
Even in the second week there are 6 consecutive stages for the bigs of GC, maybe to much... and the Aquila stage (233 Km with Mount Terminillo) is a high mountain stage, not MM I think.
I like very much the Rovereto stage, Acri (remember me Sappada in Giro 2018) and Serra San Bruno!

FOURTH PLACE: Jajoejoe maps/tours/view/12865
There is to much TT even if 22 Km are TTT...I like very much the Folgaria stage and the final short high mountain stage at Linguaglossa.
Beautiful also the Blockhaus stage!

THIRD PLACE Mauro maps/tours/view/12887
Great Giro! Some stages really beautiful: Mondovì, Stradella, Santuario di Pietralba (one of my favorites of all the stages I've seen) and Tarcento!
Maybe the high mountain triptych in the second week is too hard (Gran Sasso-Blockhaus and Campitello) and all with uphill finish..
The Craco stage is pretty but I don't like the arrival..
I don't like so much that in the last week there are only "Unipuerto" mountain stages..

SECOND PLACE: Luigi.russo maps/tours/view/13066
Very balanced race! I love Asiago and Alba stages in the first week, the 3 mountain stages in the second week with the unusual "tappone" of Capracotta and the Salerno ITT.
I'm not a fan of the last mountain stage arriving in Catania but I admit it's very original!

FIRST PLACE: Ellvey maps/tours/view/12960
The first week is OK, but I really like the second week: many beautiful stages without going in Zomegnan mode!
Some beautiful stages in the third week: the Alberobello stage (I drew the same finish 2 some time ago!) and the Viggianello one. Also the Etna stage, not so long, is perfect!

At the and I'd like to point out the other paths that I particularly liked out of the best 5: Improb, nibali-sanbaronto and paskaz.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by giorgio.ponticelli »

5TH place paoloagb
Comparing the single stages one by one your Giro would surely be the first with a great ammount of spectacular stages, difficulties and interesting climbs spread all over the three weeks (a special mention for the totally carzy stage of Forlì). The problem is that in a general view this result in a too hard and unbalanced track.

4TH PLACE sportdani
A track with a general good balance, i personally find original the start with a TTT. I find the plaement of Queen stage with Cima Coppi (Passso dello Stelvio) and Passo Gavia at 6th stage not so appropriated in an Upside down Giro.

3RD place ellevey
One of the tracks with the best distribution of high mountain stages, some of wich are perfect to make the race explode (Blockhaus stage with Valico di Cannatina is amazing). I personally find 3 ITTs for a total ammount of more than 75 Km a little too much.

2ND place luigi.russo
The 1st high mountain stage with 2 climbs of more than 20 Km is placed too soon. Stage 8 and 9 are both very interesting but i would have preferd a high mountain stage at the end of first week. In general the track has a good balance and i personally liked very much the high mountain stages of the third week.

1ST place kanon16
Perfectly balanced track, difficulties and key stages placed just at the right place, interesting climbs (i.e. Passo Bordala) and a special mention for the tracking of middle mountain stages. Rimini ITT is a little bit long but you put that two climbs in it making the stage not too much in favour of cronomen.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by improb »

Pabloagb: 5th Place

Mostly because the other courses (exception made for Nibali San Baronto who didn't make the cut for the same reasons Pablo is 5th) are really meh, either too easy or too monotonous without some real innovation or have the Alps being harder than the Appennines. You designed great great stages, Zomegnan would approve anything you designed but this is too much for it to be in the real race. Still, the stages were so innovative and well designed that you deserved this 5th place because I see you put work into what you did and weren't lazy.

Kanon: 4th Place

Great first two weeks but still, your route lacks a real queen stage in the 3rd week, there are several decent ones but it struck me as an easy Giro. That forces climbers to get more audacious but there's a waste of good mountain stages like the one to Laino Borgo. Stage 19 and stage 20 are a good combo, the pacing is good as well but something's missing.

Also, how could anybody not look at the huge transfer between stage 14 and 15?

Giorgio Ponticelli: 3rd place

Pros: Very well designed first two weeks and race full of innovation. From Kegelberg to Monte Taburno to Gallicianò. Real good.

Cons: In last week stages, only the last climb matters and this is the Giro, not the Vuelta. Too little TTing. With very little change, it would have been by far the best for me (30 kms more of TTing, different way to climb Monte Scuro, finish in Bova).

Ellvey: 2nd Place

Pros: Stages are really well designed, the MEndel stage is awesome and I like the gravel stage to Grado. Really good until stage 15, probably the best first two weeks and stage 16/17 are good as well.

Cons: Now, stage 15 is why you are not in first place. It totally ruins the pacing of the 2nd week, the hard Camposauro mountain finish makes attacks on Monte Taburno hard to stick and it makes the previous well designed Medium Mountain stage something the peloton will most likely softpedal. Stage 13 won't be affected because Blockhaus is Blockhaus. Same mistake done with stage 19 and stage 20, with the easy shallow side of Aspromonte which will be softpedaled because of the Etna stage being so hard the day after.

Pastkaz: 1st Place

Pros: Stage 13 is one of the best designed queen stages. A hard first week forces riders to peak for the three whole weeks. You bring new climbs into the mix without going crazy. The Monasterace stage is goooood. Many long hard stages. Right amount of TTing, it forces riders to attack and make every climb count. There may be few sprint stages but they are all or almost all for pure sprinters so GC teams can rest and sprinters can't fuck it up

Cons: Stage 20 fucks the pacing of the last three mountain stages a bit but I think they are likely to be raced anyway, just because the last one is the easiest of the three and even though the climbs are shallow, someone may try a desperation attack due to it being the last chance. A MTF should never be the last mountain stage in my opinion, unless it's a Sestriere or Aprica like climb.

PS: Luigi Russo's race was also decent

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by jajoejoe »

5th: Kanon16, overall great route but too many flat stages.
And last week isn a bit anticlimactic.
4th: Jibvalverde, a bit unbalanced but last week makes it up for me
3rd: Giorgio Ponticelli, overall a really great and balanced routes, only negative I could find are the last 3 mountain stages. They are certainly hard, but it doesn’t encourage long range attacking.
2d: JoostvandeBeek, it’s quite balanced and your last week is really great especially stage 20, this stage is really suited to long range attacks and who wouldn’t love to see that. A ITT in the last stage also encourages the pocket climbers to put pressure on the Dumoulin types.
1st: Ellvey, 2nd week is fenomenal. 3rd week tops it all off. Overall for me the best route that was presented.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by nibali-sanbaronto »

Sorry for the late...

5) jajoejoe
I don't like quite at all the other routes. It' a good race, but it would have benn better with more mountains. The plan was really good: linear and without too much transfers.

4) Chuimiento
I like it, but I believe that it need one alpine stage (only one as many of us has done). The biggest error is the big number of time trial kms: 73 ITT kms and also a TTT stage...

3) Pabloagb
I really like some mountain stages as Lago Laceno and Adrano. Also here probably there are too much itt kms, but I have to say that in Pisa ITT there's the very difficult climb to Monte Serra, so it's not really bad.

2) Ellvey
Many beautiful mountain stages as Etna. As for Pabloagb there are many itt kms, but divided in 3 different stages, and often hilly, so not a real problem.

1) Improb
It seems more similar to my view of Upsidedown Giro, with mountain allover Italy, some invenctions and, first of all, a very linear plan. I have to say also here that 76 ITT kms are probably too much, but they are concentrated in the first days and probably will incite attacks for the last mountain stages.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Contest Ranking
ellvey 35,5
improb 30,5
giorgio.ponticelli 27
luigi.russo 21
kanon16 19
paoloagb 15
chiumiento 12
jajoejoe* 10
nibali-sanbaronto 10
pastkaz* 5
sportdani19 5
JoostvandeBeek 5
jibvalverde 5
benoit.guillot 3
ivan98 -2
mauro -5
AjachiChakrabarti -7
arnorius -7
emilio.torre -10

*organizer pick as rules

ellvey 80
improb 60
giorgio.ponticelli 35
luigi.russo 25
kanon16 20
paoloagb 15
chiumiento 10
jajoejoe 5
nibali-sanbaronto 2
sportdani19 1
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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by PaStKaz »

emmea90, why i have only 5 points? I made presentation, get two 1st places from contesters and made my own ranking - it looks like 15 points for me. Did i get some penalties?

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by nibali-sanbaronto »

PaStKaz wrote:
02/11/2019, 22:44
emmea90, why i have only 5 points? I made presentation, get two 1st places from contesters and made my own ranking - it looks like 15 points for me. Did i get some penalties?
Me too... Did I get some penalties? I made 11 points and made the presentation, so it seems to be 14. I ask it only to understand the complete score.

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Re: Contest #6 - Voting

Post by david.tuci »

nibali-sanbaronto wrote:
03/11/2019, 1:05
PaStKaz wrote:
02/11/2019, 22:44
emmea90, why i have only 5 points? I made presentation, get two 1st places from contesters and made my own ranking - it looks like 15 points for me. Did i get some penalties?
Me too... Did I get some penalties? I made 11 points and made the presentation, so it seems to be 14. I ask it only to understand the complete score.
If some contenders have a scoring under 0, it's obvious there have been many penalties...

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