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2021 Season Contests
Contest #2: Milan - Rome and Bissagne - Guascogne - VOTING
Contest #3: Improved Spring Classic

Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Compete in the contests and become the best stagemaker!
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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

In this topic you can vote for the European Pre-Season Races, according to the following rules.


How to vote

1 - You have to judge the track according to the requirements: contests/contest-entry-contest-t7388.html

2 - You have to write in a post your best FIVE routes, from worse to best, providing a brief motivation for each choice




How does it work?
- First choice got 6 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 and fifth 1 point.
- Presentation bonus grant you 3 points (we will add later with penalties who took the bonus)
- Ranking will be made according to points obtained
- In case of equality I will decide the winner
- You can also comment other people's reviews regarding your or other one's routes

Who can vote?
- Every user that submitted a contest (full points vote)
- Every user in the La Flamme Rouge Staff (Emmea90, Pigna, Sagan99, Matthorse, Nasdon33, Linkinito, Bose12)
- Every user that has registered BEFORE today and has at least 10 tracks in the editor. In this case, his votes counts half of the points scale

- Every user that submitted a contest and doesn't submit a valid vote (with 5 choices and motivations) will get a 10 points penalty for all his routes.
- It's FORBBIDDEN to ask for votes. Who will be caught public or privately asking for a vote to some users will get a 50 points penalty in first instance, then the exclusion from all the contests of the year
- Vote penalties for unpracticable routes will be assigned by staff during this phase

Requisites for the +3 bonus
- Providing link of the tour in the post
- Providing viewable image of each stage with a description in the post

Deadline for vote phase is march 29, h 23.59

Emilio.torre: maps/tours/view/17597 / maps/tours/view/17787
Luna23: maps/tours/view/17887 / maps/tours/view/17889
Mauro: maps/tours/view/17877 / maps/tours/view/17882 +3 presentation
Appropriate-ear: maps/tours/view/17601 / maps/tours/view/17892
Jajoejoe: maps/tours/view/17876 / maps/tours/view/17878 +3 presentation
Davandluz: maps/tours/view/17901 / maps/tours/view/18002 +3 presentation
Luigi.russo: maps/tours/view/17891 / maps/tours/view/17894 +3 presentation
Jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/17913 / maps/tours/view/17914 +3 presentation
Antoinvds: maps/tours/view/17896 / maps/tours/view/17911
Sagan99: maps/tours/view/17929 / maps/tours/view/17938
AjachiChakrabarti: maps/tours/view/17867 / maps/tours/view/17890 +3 presentation
Belgian4444: maps/tours/view/17947 / maps/tours/view/17953 +3 presentation
Player: maps/tours/view/17712 / maps/tours/view/17977
Micek_52: maps/tours/view/17986 / maps/tours/view/17999 +3 presentation
benoît.guillot: maps/tours/view/17883 / maps/tours/view/17883 +3 presentation
CelentanoTour: maps/tours/view/17886 / maps/tours/view/17965 +3 presentation
Cycling Lennart: maps/tours/view/17969 / maps/tours/view/18000 +3 presentation
Xander66: maps/tours/view/17926 / maps/tours/view/18013 +3 presentation
Giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/17988 / maps/tours?userid=3056 +3 presentation
Improb: maps/tours/view/18017 / maps/tours/view/18018 +3 presentation
Arnorius: maps/tours/view/17951 / maps/tours/view/17950 +3 presentation
Diego12Alpe: maps/tours/view/17995 / maps/tours/view/18020 +3 presentation
IamCeeKae: maps/tours/view/17899 / maps/tours/view/17905
BrumDog66: maps/tours/view/17981 / maps/tours/view/18022 +3 presentation

Not admitted
Nebe: maps/tours/view/17933 (should've been 2 races)
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Cycling Lennart
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by Cycling Lennart »

Here are my votes for this Contest # 1:

FIFTH PLACE: Luigi.russo
Nice stage races with varied stages. Opportunities for every kind of rider, for sprinters and climbers. Made good use of the sea region for both competitions. The unpaved road stage is nicely in between (1st race). And as a change, the beautiful hill stages and flat stages.

2 nicely constructed stage races. A few nice mountain stages. There are already good test drives for the classics. The local rounds are well designed. The South French race is nice for the classification riders while the classic specialists can already explore beautiful points in Belgium / Northern France.

The course along the lakes in Italy, beautifully conceived. Lots of climbs to test for the gc riders. The classic riders can 3 times go all out through Belgium, especially the 1st stage has a quiet start and a chance for a nice final. And of course the famous finish in Ans will certainly be put to good use.

2 nice 4 day races. Both are nicely constructed, sprinters - climbers and then the time trialists. Not too long and not too short. Plenty of opportunities to get in shape for the upcoming races. Interesting is the unpaved stage as well as the time trials (flat and 1 with climbs).

FIRST PLACE: Appropriate-ear
Fantastic sketched out over the different islands. Especially the 1st on the Islas Canarias, which I think is great. Tough climbs but also an opportunity (s) for sprinters. Also those of the Islas Baleares, connecting the islands with the race, therein plenty of opportunities for riders to start the season.
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by davandluz »

5th Arnorius I like the Tour of Lisbon, however 3 out of 5 stages end on a côte, that leaves just little variety in stage typologies. Not sure about how the New Zealand tour is planned out: as much as I like some stages, like the second one, an 8 stage tour developed like this seems rather boring, having to wait 7 days for the only high mountain stage (about which, not sure about how it was tracked, too).

4th Xander66 I really like what you did in Corse (no KOM in the first stage to assign the leader jersey/number though, pity). The Tour of Morocco is not quite at the same level though, even though I like the idea of the location outside of Europe. Some changes I would've made: less distance between the finish line and the last KOM (if any), since other three stage will probably end with a bunch sprint (not sure the Ouazzane final KM would prevent a bunch sprint, it just seems the perfect terrain for riders like Demare or Ewan). Instead of the Marrakech-Settat stage, I would've gone towards East for an extra hilly stage before reaching Tangier. Also, I would've made the final circuit a bit shorter than 20 Km.

3rd Sagan99 Even though I generally like what you produced, there are three things I want to note: first of all, there's a branding problem, the Giro del Lazio used to be a (one day) race, the LaMaToUR looks a lot like the Tirreno-Adriatico, looking at the regions crossed. If the first one might exist with a different branding, the other one needs to be rethinked (maybe Giro del Centro without the ITT on the Adriatico?). About the Porto San Giorgio ITT, I think it was superfluous anyways, an ending in Assisi would've been nicer in my opinion. A long transfer would've been avoided, too. Lastly, I am not a fan of the Terracina stage really.

2nd giorgio.ponticelli A solid job, bonus points for choosing plausible areas for hosting a World Tour stage race outside of Europe. Some minor amendments would've helped your cause though: Maybe one flat stage less at the beginning of the Kyushu tour would've been better (not because it does not make sense conceptually, but because it's just the beginning of the season), and I have doubts about the Jizo Toge arrival practicability, but otherwise really good tracking. In the New Zealand tour, I would've avoided finishing stages in Otematata or Akaroa, beautiful areas but mostly unhabited.

1st jibvalverde Best overall entry in my opinion, congrats! Nicely tracked Portugal cobbles. Only note is that a Tour of Portugal already exist and your route goes by the same regions of that one - it's also true that it's a 2.1 race, so there space for a World Tour race. Maybe a regional setting might've been better, and more realistic in the matter of actors involved (for example, you could've skipped the stage to Lisbon, as you already have a similar profile to that one, and make it a Tour of the Norte). I really like the Tour of Galicia in any case, which is clearly the best entry in for the GC-riders category in my opinion. In general, about both submissions, maybe too many KOMs (it's also true that you categorized all of the - even short - côtes), it's still beginning of the season, so the routes could be a bit less "nervous".
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by Sagan99 »

Ok, before making judgments a little bit of general reflection. I think a lot of people didn't understand this first job. Lots of insulting routes. Racing from 10 stages (PRE-SEASON RACE non GT), a squabble of climbs without criterion. It was designed for early season races (e.g. Vuelta a Andalucia or Haut-Var) but few of these really have this nature.

FIFTH PLACE: Antoinvds
The GT Race has good stages, but too "light", it is fine that it is a preparation race but the toughest stage is 81 km and with a climb not from GT rider... The Classic's race a bit like others is in Belgium/France so the highlights are always those. I like the first stage. Maybe I would have done less stages.

I liked the GT Race, one of the most realistic and that's why he has my consent. The Classics race is ok but too same stage, i liked the Namur Stage

THIRD PLACE: Jibvalverde
Very good GT Race, in particular the last stage in the style of "Nizza Col d'Eze". The Classic's race is good but for me too much stages, and same stage like Coimbra and Lisbon

SECOND PLACE: Belgian4444
I really liked the Morocconian Race, a good balanced race, with some stage nice drawed. Same words for the Classic's race with unusual short climb.

FIRST PLACE: Davandluz
On average of the two routes the best. I like the GT men's race for the location (Calabria, with good temperatures even in Winter) maybe a little bit too long(and maybe hard). The Classic's race is what I mean as a prep race. three stages, well designed, with the novelty of the Piacenza dirt road. Maybe with another stage it would be perfect. I like it
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by Diego12Alpe »

Tour of The Peloponnesos (GC): Balanced tour but I would like to see another flat stage instead of two time trial, because, in my opinion, a GC tour doesn't mean that every stage has to be for climbers/puncheurs.
Giro di Foggia (FL): I like that you didn't do your tour in the place where the classics will be made. But at the same time, I think that I would like to see at least one stage with cobbled sectors or white roads because this tour looks like a preparation for the Ardennes classics and not for the cobbled ones

Tour de Galice (GC): Good one with a little bit of everything. But maybe february is not the best time of the year to do a race in Galicia because it would be raining and very cold all day.
Volta O'Classico (FL): Interesting one but made for Ardennes riders and only one stage for Flanders riders.

Schwarzwald Rundfahrt (GC): Different types of stages in a very concrete zone of Germany, I like it.
Tour Atlântico do Porto (FL): I would like to see a stage for Ardennes riders but the stages that you've made are good for the Flanders riders.

Giro di Calabria (GC): Different idea than the others and I like it. This is clearly a tour for GC riders but at the same time every type of rider has at least one day to shine.
Tre Giorni Piacentina (FL): Short but good one. Maybe a couple of stages more would be great adding another white roads stage.

Giro della Campania (GC): I quite like it. The only thing I would change is that the time trial in my opinion would be better if it is flat.
Ruta do Norte (FL): Cobbled sectors, white roads and hills. Great tour.
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by antoninvds »

Hi, here is my vote !

I must say it was very difficult to establish a ranking, as two races could have a different design and unequal qualities.

5th. Jajoejoe – 13.5
Well designed, punchy races. I really like Pelopponesos and reminds me a Tour I made years ago for another contest, a nice choice.

4th. Mauro – 14
I liked your tours and their composition, but I think eight stages may be too long for this kind of race.

3rd. Arnorius – 14.75
Portugal is well designed and I really adore what you did with New Zealand : Coronet Peak is a little beast and a really good idea you had. The realism of your second tour is maybe what cost you a better ranking.

2nd. JbValverde – 15
Galicia is well designed and narrow roads of Portugal are a very good idea. Maybe one stage longer in each tour could have been better. Congrats !

1st. benoit.guillot – 15.5
Having chosen Maginot was a good idea for one of your tours. Nice area choice BTW, Metz is my first studies city. All is very well balanced and could be punchy even if all your designs are not the most difficult ever. Congrats !

Congrats to all !

Antonin :beer:
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by player »

Hi here is my vote:
Fifth Place: Jajoejoe
I like your Classic race because it is full of climbs that makes the stages difficult and ideal for classic riders, maybe I woud have added some sector of Pavè. I quite like also your GC race.

Fourth Place: Appropriate-ear
I like so much the location where your races is held, not as usual, they are both good but I like little more the GC race, Maybe some climbs are too much high for the period of time in which are held.

Third Place: Jibvalverde
I like your GC race especially the stage of Manzaneda, but i prefer your classic race for the profile of the stages which makes the race very complete, maybe I would have made the race one-two stages shorter.

Second Place: Luna 23
I really like your Classic Race especially the first for its various climbs and sector of Pave, and i like your GC race beacuse of it isn't extremely long but full of difficult climbs.

First Place:Davandluz
I really like both of your races. The GC race is very complete and perfect to prepare a race as Tirreno Adriatico or Paris-Nice for the profile of stages and the number of Stages. Your classic race is complete of the elements to prepare Classic races, and i liked the fact that this race is composed of three stages, lenght which is ideal for one day races.
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by giorgio.ponticelli »

This is my final standing. Considering the season (February) I did not consider races taking place in Benelux, although some of them are pretty interesting according to tracks.

1 st celentanotour
Special mention for presentation, but that’s not the reason for the first position (I don’t consider presentation as a key point for final standing). I do like the choice of regions considering the season and both races are pretty good in preparation of Classical Races and Paris-Nice.

2 nd davandluz
Although the race is short (just 3 stages), the choice of Piacenza region for classics preparation race is pretty interesting, but cold and snowy weather are not so uncommon in these places in February. I also like GC riders race: well balanced and in an ideal location.

3 rd jbvalverde
Both races has a good location and are well designed , but I don’t like the presence of an ITT in classics preparation race, and GC riders race has a little too much climbs amount.

4 th improb
I appreciated locations of your races, but personally I don’t like the presence of an ITT in calssics preparation race and the race for GC riders, in my opinion, misses some flat terrain/one more stage for sprinters.

5 th Xander 66
My personal judgement is very close to improb-one, great choice about classics preparation race location; I put it on 5th place because I would have preferred one more stage in Tour de Corse
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by jajoejoe »

5th place. Xander66
Original locations for races. That's a plus to start with. All good stages, but the Tour de Corse is a bit too short for GC riders. Don't think 4 days is long enough to train for a GC, but the length and difficulty of the mountain stage make up for it.

4th place. Mauro
The races are good, but a tad unrealistic. Like the finish on the Bosberg or inside the Cité of Carcassone, I'm not a big fan of sprinting on cobbles or any other surface then asphalt.

3rd place. Jibvalverde. All just good races, but most finishes are full of twists and turns and I don't think that's really acceptable nowadays.

2nd place. Davandluz. I like the regions you chose. Both the regions aren't seen often in the peloton. Your classics races are a good preperation for every classics race, but they lack a lot of length to be good prep for the long classics and monuments.

1st place. Diego12Alpe. Just overall great races. The Tour in New Zealand is really well chosen in combination with other races early in the season. Also a race in England is great. Weather situation will be tricky.
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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Voting closed.
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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Post by emmea90 »

Jibvalverde 47
Davandluz 32
Diego12Alpe 31
CelentanoTour 21
Sagan99 17
Belgian4444 16
Xander66 16
Arnorius 11
benoît.guillot 11
Improb 10
Luna23 9
Antoinvds 7
Giorgio.ponticelli 7
Jajoejoe 7
BrumDog66 6
IamCeeKae 5
Mauro 5
Cycling Lennart 3
Luigi.russo 3
Micek_52 3
Player 0
AjachiChakrabarti -7
Appropriate-ear -7
Emilio.torre -10
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