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UCI Rules

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UCI Rules

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UCI Rules
All the rules there are referred ONLY for Men Elite Races

One Day Races
- Olympic Games and World Championships: from 250 to 280 Km
- Continental Championships, Continental Games, Regional Championships, National Championships: 240 Km
- World Tour Races: 300 Km
- Continental 1.HC and 1.1: 200 Km with possibility to extension case by case according to UCI commiteé
- Continental 1.2: 200 Km maximum, no possibility to extension

- If the full race is run on a circuit, it shall be at least 10 km long.
- If only part of the race is run on a circuit
1) The length of the circuit shall be at least 3 km;
2) The maximum number of laps on the circuit shall be 3 for circuits of between 3 and 5 km, 5 for circuits of between 5 and 8 km, 8 for circuits of between 8 and 10 km. No limits over 10 km

Individual Time Trials (One Day Races)
- Maximum 80 Kms

Team Time Trials (One Day Races)
- Maximum 100 Kms

Stage Races
- The first stage counts as prologue if and only if is an individual time trial and is not longer than 8,00 Km.

Team Time Trials
- Team time trial stages shall take place during the first third of the race

- A Grand Tour is from 15 to 23 day
- World Tour Stage Races max durations are determined from PCC
- Continental Stage Races durations are determined by UCI Management Committée. The maximum is 5 day unless organizers received an exemption

Stage Distances
World Tour
- Average daily distance: 180 Km
- Max stage distance: 240 Km
- Max ITT stage distance: 60 Km
- Max TTT stage distance: 60 Km

Continental 2.1 and 2.HC
- Average daily distance: 180 Km
- Max stage distance: 240 Km
- Max ITT stage distance: 60 Km
- Max TTT stage distance: 60 Km

Continental 2.2
- Average daily distance: 150 Km
- Max stage distance: 180 Km
- Max ITT stage distance: 40 Km, 15 for half-stages
- Max TTT stage distance: 50 Km, 35 for half-stages

In the average daily distances if you do a prologue distances and day of the prologue are not considered into the average.
For Grand Tours, the maximum length allowed is 3500 Kms.

Half stages
- In UCI World Tour half-stages are forbidden
- In Continental Races, you can do 2 half stages in case the race if fewer than 6 days, 4 in case is 6 days or more

Rest Days
- In events with more than 10 days of competition, at least one rest day must be allowed for and fall after at least 5 days of racing

Intermediate sprints
- You can set a maximum of three intermediate sprints for stages, and one for half-stages.

- 3'' / 2'' / 1'' at intermediate sprint
- 6'' / 4'' / 2'' on finish in half-stages
- 10'' / 6'' / 4'' on finish in stages
Organizer can choose to allow bonuses for the full race or not. No bonuses can be awarded in intermediate sprints unless a bonus is also available at the finish.

- For circuits in general, rules of the one-day races are applied
- In stage races, the number of laps may exceed 5 for circuits of between 5 and 8 km, but only during the final stage of the race. In this instance, the total distance ridden on the circuit may not exceed 100 km.
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