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List of finalists

Track a fantasy Tour de France and win a digital copy of Pro Cycling Manager 2017, a PC game by Cyanide
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List of finalists

Post by Pigna »


In evaluating the routes the jury followed a lot of criteria. The number of "+" indicates the importance given to the single parameter.
  • Choice of theme and how it was transposed +++
  • Balancing of the route among climbs, mixed stages and time trials +++
  • Spectacularity and uncertainty of the route +++
  • Absence of violations of the UCI regulation +++
  • Absence of impracticable streets for road bikes and uphill arrive without space +++
  • Distribution of the various types of stages along the route ++
  • Choice of stage's departure and arrival locations ++
  • Realism in transfers from one stage to another ++
  • Presence and easy access to information and descriptions +
  • Neatness of the general planimetry +
  • Correct categorization and insertion of KOMs +
  • Paganini A
  • Sauber96 A-
  • xflyinghighx A-
  • pesallu (3) A-
  • nebe (1) B+
  • taaramae_crack B+
  • 14juillet B
  • DavideRomelli1995 B
First excluded
  • antoninvds B-
  • rober_vlc C+
  • pabloagb C+
  • David_Fletcher C
  • sven.gaens C
  • Cornet88 C
  • nebe (2) C-
  • claudio.mocci C-
  • pesallu (2) D+
  • Chris89 D+
The votes will open soon.

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Re: List of finalists

Post by nebe »

Come si fa per votare i tracciati?

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Re: List of finalists

Post by Pigna »

nebe wrote:
01/08/2017, 9:53
Come si fa per votare i tracciati?
Oggi apriremo un topic apposito

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