Open Street Map Editor is Open

Maps of climbs, cobbles and white roads will be opened in a second time.

We are aware that there could be a problem in tracking in North America and some other small countries and we will fix them in a second time.

We are aware that labels of sprints disappears at click, for the moment it's a design choice.

In case of other bugs, please report them in this topic.
Please don't spam us mail and PMs that we won't answer. Everything related about the situation will be published on that topic and that topic only.

Contests currently open
- Vuelta a Espana 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 25/8)
- Binckbank Tour (Cat. 2, deadline on 25/8)

Brian Babilonia Fan Club

Here you can open or discuss about your favourite rider or team.
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Brian Babilonia Fan Club

Post by Paganini » 10/08/2016, 13:08

The only Puertorican in the Rio bike race has begun to race only 4 years ago. And his bike is 5 years old :mrgreen: ... rld_417346

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