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Polish pavè

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Polish pavè

Post by marco.berri »

Every year there's a period in which I fall in love with pavè. Generally, this period comes in conjunction with the early north classics. This year I asked myself why pavè exists only from Paris to Amsterdam so I first checked in my country, Italy, but I couldn't find anything interesting... I was searching for pavè segments out of town centres as in Paris-Roubaix. I analyzed the morphology of those lands and I found a similar one in Poland. Not only the presence of big rivers and forests, but it's also important the historical and economic aspects. By the way, I soon started tracking cobble sectors on the editor and I found the best and also well maintained pavè streets that I've ever seen. The only problem I had is the lack of Google street view in many places so that it's difficult to verify if they are made of cobblestones or not.
Finally, this is my contest purpose:

Draw the route of a classic race which totally takes place in Poland. The start and finish point should be in rather big cities or famous places (at least the finish point).
Length: from 200 to 250km.
Cobble Sectors: at least 4. The finish line should be at maximum 20 km after the last cobble sector.
I Published a few cobbled sectors on the editor, so I suggest you find the others through google street view where it's possible.

It's not an official contest so I ask you to send me your projects just down here.
Thanks for your attention and good luck with your work!

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