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UCI Regulations

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UCI Regulations

Post by Pigna »

This is a summary of UCI Regolations about routes.
Reference: http://www.uci.ch/inside-uci/rules-and- ... gulations/

One-Day Races

One-day races are competitions that take place on one day with only one start and only one arrival.


For international events outside Europe, exemptions may be granted by the UCI management committee or, for UCI WorldTour events, by the Professional Cycling Council.
The real start will be given - flying or standing - at a point no more than 10 km from the assembly point.


If the race is run completely on a circuit, it shall be at least 10 km long. The race organiser may request that the UCI make exemptions to this provision.
One part of an event may take place on a circuit under the following conditions:
  • the length of the circuit shall be at least 3 km;
  • the maximum number of laps on the circuit shall be:
    • 3 for circuits of between 3 and 5 km;
    • 5 for circuits of between 5 and 8 km;
    • 8 for circuits of between 8 and 10 km.

Time Trials

Individual Time Trials


Team Time Trials


Stage Races

Stage races shall be run over a minimum of two days with a general time classification. They shall be run in road race stages and time trial stages.
Team time trial stages shall take place during the first third of the race.
The maximum length of major tours is 3500 km.


The durations indicated below correspond to the total number of days occupied on the calendar, i.e. both days of competition, including any prologue, and rest days.
  • UCI World Tour: duration determined by the Professional Cycling Council.
  • Major tours: 15 to 23 days.
  • Continental circuits: the duration of existing events can be reduced by the management committee. In that event, the organiser has the right to be heard by the Management Committee. The duration of new events in classes HC, 1 and 2 is limited to 5 days, unless an exemption is made by the management committee.
  • Elite women's world circuit: he duration of new events of classes 1 and 2 is limited to 6 days, unless an exemption is made by the management committee.
  • Junior men's and women's world circuits: the duration of new events is limited to 4 days, unless an exemption is made by the management committee.
Stage distances


With a special waiver from the executive committee or, for UCI WorldTour events, from the Professional Cycling Council, organisers may be authorised to include:
  • a maximum of two stages of over 240 km in races of 10 days and more for elite men;
  • a single stage of no more than 230 km in races for under-23 men;
  • in elite women's races one stage only of 150 km maximum;
  • in junior men's races one stage only of 130 km maximum.

A prologue may be included in stage races on condition that:
  • it must not exceed 8 km for men's elite;
  • for an elite or juniors women's or juniors men's race, the prologue must be less than 4 km;
  • it counts towards the individual general classification;
  • no rider may participate or be made to participate in a second race on the same day as the prologue;
  • the prologue shall count as a race day.


Sprints and bonuses

Bonuses may be awarded under the following conditions:

Intermediate sprints
  • half-stages: 1 sprint maximum
  • stages: 3 sprints maximum
  • intermediate sprints: 3" - 2" - 1"
  • finish:
    • half-stage: 6" - 4" - 2"
    • stage: 10" - 6" - 4"
Bonuses shall be shown only in individual general classification by time. No bonuses shall be awarded for individual or team time trial events.


In stage races, the number of laps may exceed 5 for circuits of between 5 and 8 km, but only during the final stage of the race. In this instance, the total distance ridden on the circuit may not exceed 100 km.

Rest days

In events with more than 10 days of competition, at least one rest day must be allowed for and fall after at least 5 days of racing.
In the major tours two rest days are obligatory and must be distributed evenly.
Unless the UCI makes a derogation to that effect, a transfer cannot be considered as a rest day.


Various classifications may be drawn up; they must be based exclusively on sporting criteria.
The individual general classification on time and the team general classification on time are obligatory in events of the UCI WorldTour and of the continental circuits for the men elite and under 23 in classes HC, 1 and 2.
On the basis of the classifications, only 4 leader’s jerseys can be issued in events of the UCI WorldTour and of the continental circuits of the classes HC and 1 for the men elite and under 23, and a maximum of 6 jerseys in the other events. Only the leader's jersey for the individual general classification on time is compulsory.
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Re: UCI Regulations

Post by Paganini »

Have Time Trials to be counted inside the average length of the stage race?
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