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Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER version

By kubu 

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Warning: this race tracks is invented by user and not done by the website staff. It doesn't represent in any way any official profile of a race

  • Overall plain

  • Description

This is a version of Tour de Pologne 2018 that is made a bit harder.
Most of the departs and arrives kept the same as in original stages (sometimes moved a bit further up the hill), or at least the region is same.

Some routes, especially finishes, might cause problems to the organiser.
Zamek Tenczyn and Podmagura in Szczyrk uphill finishes are a bit too narrow for such not demanding ascents., but I believe that there is enough space to locate all the finish facilities.
There is a small dirt road section in stage 5 (Podksięże) which probably should be paved with asphalt before the cyclist could use it (alternative route also would be with a dirt road section, unless there would be no Podksięże climb at all):,19.5873323,3a,60y,215.46h,82.91t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1scqWlpSuvSUvbRgi8RWETgQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Generally I know that I overcategorise climbs, but this is relative to the TdP difficulty. I just wanted to make KOM competition a bit more interesting. I don't care abut the intermediate sprints that much.

Actually I'm not sure if this would make TdP more interesting, as the small time differences in GC in real TdP are the hallmark of the tour. Even Peter Sagan won it few years ago. I'm sure he wouldn't be able to win mountain stages of such harder TdP 2018.

  • Stages




Depart and arrive





1 Plain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER Stage 1 Kraków > Kraków 150.17 Km 0 62


2 Plain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER! Stage 2 Tarnowskie Góry > Katowice 159.52 Km 0 73


3 Medium Mountain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER Stage 3 Stadion Śląski > Zamek Tenczyn 157.25 Km 0 67


4 High mountain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER Stage 4 Jaworzno > Szczyrk 180.01 Km 0 94


5 Medium Mountain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER Stage 5 Kopalina Soli,Wieliczka > Bielsko-Biala 164.32 Km 0 94


6 High mountain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER Stage 6 Nowy Targ > Kuźnice 147.00 Km 0 75


7 High mountain Tour de Pologne 2018 HARDER! stage 7 Piwniczna Zdrój > Bukowina 162.56 Km 0 74


Total distance

1120.83 Km

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Mountain top finishes
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