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Exotic Gazzetta Tour

By mauro 

Views: 59

Warning: this race tracks is invented by user and not done by the website staff. It doesn't represent in any way any official profile of a race

  • Overall plain

  • Stages




Depart and arrive





1 Plain Exotic Gazzetta Tour - 1a tappa: Tūnis (Tunis) - Al-Kāf (Le Kef) Tūnis (Tunis) > Al-Kāf (Le Kef) 172.80 Km 0 34


2 Medium Mountain Exotic Gazzetta Tour - 2a tappa: Al-Kāf (Le Kef) - Al-Kāf (Le Kef) Al-Kāf (Le Kef) > Al-Kāf (Le Kef) 139.90 Km 0 49


3 Plain Exotic Gazzetta Tour - 3a tappa: Maktar - Sūsa (Sousse) Maktar > Sūsa (Sousse) 165.80 Km 0 35


4 High mountain Exotic Gazzetta Tour - 4a tappa: Zaghouan - Djebel Zaghouan Zaghouan > Djebel Zaghouan 109.03 Km 0 46


5 Plain Exotic Gazzetta Tour - 5a tappa: Al-Ḥammāmāt (Hammamet) - Banzart (Bizerte) Al-Ḥammāmāt (Hammamet) > Banzart (Bizerte) 206.28 Km 0 32


6 Medium Mountain Exotic Gazzetta Tour - 6a tappa: Qarṭāj (Carthage) - Sidi Bou Saïd Qarṭāj (Carthage) > Sidi Bou Saïd 111.33 Km 0 41


Total distance

905.14 Km

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