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Uae Tour 2022 - Special Edition "Expo 2021"

By mauro 

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Warning: this race tracks is invented by user and not done by the website staff. It doesn't represent in any way any official profile of a race

  • Overall plain

  • Stages




Depart and arrive





1 Plain UAE Tour Special Editiin "Expo 2021" - 1a tappa: Zayed City - Al Mirayr Zayed City > Al Mirayr 153.70 Km 0 62


2 Plain UAE Tour Special Edition "Expo 2021" - 2a tappa: Al Hudayriat Island - Louvre Abu Dhabi Al Hudayriat Island > Louvre Abu Dhabi 160.05 Km 0 52


3 High mountain UAE Tour Special Edition "Expo 2021" - 3a tappa: Al Ain - Jebel Hafeet Al Ain > Jebel Hafeet 171.83 Km 0 56


4 Medium Mountain UAE Tour Special Edition "Expo 2021" - 4a tappa: Dubai Autodrome - Hatta Dam Dubai Autodrome > Hatta Dam 201.37 Km 0 61


5 Medium Mountain UAE Tour Special Edition "Expo 2021" - 5a tappa: Kalba - Fujairah Kalba > Fujairah 202.27 Km 0 60


6 High mountain UAE Tour Special Edition "Expo 2021" - 6a tappa: Dibba Al-Fujairah - Mirbah Weather Station Dibba Al-Fujairah > Mirbah Weather Station 143.52 Km 0 76


7 Individual Time Trial UAE Tour Special Edition "Expo 2021" - 7a tappa: Dubai (Expo 2020) - Dubai (Expo 2020) (ITT) Dubai (Expo 2020) > Dubai (Expo 2020) 15.35 Km 0 50


Total distance

1048.09 Km

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