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Tour of Greece - Giro Preparation Race 02

By chuimiento 

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Warning: this race tracks is invented by user and not done by the website staff. It doesn't represent in any way any official profile of a race

  • Overall plain

  • Description

The decision of the Tour the Romandie to finish its history meant a historical opportunity for some countries to host finally a WT category stage race. Eventually, the Tour the Greece won this possibility and started to plan their first ever WT race, a six-days stage race in the last days of April. The proximity to Italy, allowing transfers to the next Giro d'Italia; their placement in Europe, allowing also transfers from the Ardennes classics, the good climate situation (specially in that time of the year, and the favourable geography and relief of the Hellenic country were more than enough reasons to give Greece the opportunity to host this race.

The race is centered in the city of Athens. The prologue is placed in the Piraeus (Athens maritime port) and the stages go to regions and areas near to the main city (Corinth and the Attica region) exploring the mountainous relief of the country and the ruins of Ancient Greece cities, temples and culture. The Tour of Greece is a medium mountain race, built for classicmen and attackers, in which each stage has its own difficulty, with nervous stage, contant ups and downs and few flat moments.

  • Stages




Depart and arrive





1 Individual Time Trial Prologue Piraeus - Piraeus Piraeus > Piraeus 6.62 Km 0 112


2 Medium Mountain Stage 1 Elefsis - Corinth Elefsis > Corinth 186.84 Km 0 67


3 Medium Mountain Stage 2 Corinth - Livadia Corinth > Livadia 191.12 Km 0 77


4 High mountain Stage 3 Livadia - Mount Parnassus Livadia > Mount Parnassus 154.50 Km 0 92


5 Plain Stage 4 Delphi - Athens Delphi > Athens 172.27 Km 0 96


6 Individual Time Trial Stage 5 Athens - Athens Athens > Athens 15.31 Km 0 66


Total distance

726.66 Km

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