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Best Cycling Events

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Best Cycling Events

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Not only riding a bike, being able to witness these events is one of my dreams and I would like to be able to do it.

Cycling is an outstanding sport in a large number of countries and with various competitions that take place all over the world. That is why, in terms of cyclists worldwide, more than nine are recognized in Colombia, the current champion of the Tour de France is Slovenian and Spanish, English and French have a huge number of recognized cyclists. Lots of people try to find always the best possibilities for btiing on cycling gambling, as this activity is greatly popular in gambling sites.
Obviously, if gambling and betting is your thing, you can always try your luck at the fantastic games of Casino Intense, which include variants for all types of players. Naturally, Intense concentrates on casino games and their variants rather than sports, but it is still an entertaining option if used in a controlled manner.

But none of this would be possible without some of the most attractive competitions that make locals and foreigners passionate watching each stage. And here are the best ones.

The Tour de France is the queen competition in the world of cycling. It began in 1903 and, since then, some of the best rivalries in the history of the sport have been seen in several of its stages until reaching the Champs Elysees, where the competition ends.

Although it is maintained in essence, some years certain modifications are added to the route, so it is always interesting to read the statements of Nairo Quintana after knowing the route of the Tour de France or any other competitor who expresses about it.

The silver medal in the cycling world goes to the Giro d'Italia, a competition that has been held since 1909. It is characterized for having a higher physical demand than the great majority of tournaments, which is why it is one of the most valued by cyclists. Throughout the Tour, there are mountain stages that demand an enormous physical effort and also time trials that have great importance to get the "maglia rosa".

Spain, like France and Italy, also hosts one of the most important cycling competitions. It began to be disputed in 1935 and has not stopped since then. This event is especially noteworthy for having the Anglirú climb, which is one of the toughest tests that cyclists can experience in this discipline. In addition, it was revealed that for 2022 there will be three stages in the Basque country that promise spectacle in the competition.

Cycling also has a World Cup, which has been held in 88 editions. It usually lasts one week and has been held annually since 1927. On the other hand, it has different categories to compete, such as "Elite" and "Under-23". It contains routine, time trial and team modalities.

Originated in 1936, this is another of the classic races of the discipline, which takes place in Belgium, one of the most attractive countries for cycling. After several years of dispute, in 1983 it was decreed that the competition would end at the Wall of Huy, a huge hill that measures 204 meters long and has slopes that reach up to 26% of inclination, so that athletes must save all their energy for the exhausting final, which always increases the attractiveness of the competition.

There are also competitions such as the Olympic Games or the five races that comprise the "Monument" that complete the most attractive, historic and demanding races in cycling.
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