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Tour de France 1970 - 1979

All races from the oldest seasons
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Tour de France 1970 - 1979

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Ecco i Tour de France degli anni ‘70. Mancano le edizioni del 1970, del 1974 e del 1977 che saranno aggiunte in futuro. Alcune edizioni non sono complete. Gli asterischi accanto ai nomi di alcune tappe fanno riferimento ad annotazioni presenti nelle descrizioni.

Here are the Tour de France of the 70s. The 1970, 1974 and 1977 editions are missing and will be added in the future. Some editions are not complete. The asterisks next to the names of some stages refer to notes in the descriptions.

Tour de France 1971 (manca il prologo, the prologue is missing)


Tour de France 1972 (Mancano la seconda semitappa della 3a tappa e la seconda semitappa della 5a tappa. Missing the second half-stage of the 3rd stage and the second half-stage of the 5th stage)


Tour de France 1973 (Manca la seconda semitappa della 16a tappa. Missing the second half-stage of the 16th stage)


Tour de France 1975


Tour de France 1976


Tour de France 1978


Tour de France 1979


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