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Vuelta a España 1995 - 2004

All races from the oldest seasons
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Vuelta a España 1995 - 2004

Post by mauro » 25/09/2018, 23:01

Qui i percorsi ufficiali delle Vuelte dal 1995 al 2004, disegnati in base ai dati forniti sui road book ufficiali. Mancano solamente due tappe (ITT Zaragoza 2003 e ITT Madrid 2004) perché i dati segnalati sulle tabelle di marcia erano insufficienti e mancavano le planimetrie di quelle due tappe

Here the official routes of the Vuelte from 1995 to 2004, drawn on the basis of the data provided on the official road books. There are only two steps left (ITT Zaragoza 2003 and ITT Madrid 2004) because the data reported on the times schedules were insufficient and the plans of those two stages were missing

Vuelta 1995


Vuelta 1996


Vuelta 1997


Vuelta 1998


Vuelta 1999


Vuelta 2000


Vuelta 2001


Vuelta 2002


Vuelta 2003


Vuelta 2004


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