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Is Sagan the Real Tirreno - Adriatico winner?

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Vicedirettore Sportivo di terza divisione
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Is Sagan the Real Tirreno - Adriatico winner?

Post by emmea90 »

Not all times.. times are correct. This is the case of final Tirreno - Adriatico Time Trial. Can Sagan be the real race winner? Maybe.

Let's examine the following screens from a downloaded video of the race.

Depart of Sagan
Video timestamp = 58'56''

Arrive of Sagan
Video timestamp = 1h'10'26''

We can see from the TV graphic that Sagan has fully crossed the line in this photogram. Graphics gives Sagan a time of 11'31'', final time is 11'32''. Not only Sagan was given an extra second there, but also if you compare the timestamp you can easily see the effective time of Peter Sagan is 11'30''

Why the extra seconds? Times are calculated on start times. Start time in this case match with :55 in the video. We can see this from some start times

Brambilla, for example, at :56 has already departed

But, more important, Greg Van Aevermet in on it's place with judge finishing the countdown at :55 instead of Sagan (count at one with hand)

At :56, in fact, Greg Van Avermet has already departed

This is where Van Avermet gain the first second as times are taken using the timestamp of departing time and arrive time. And if departing time is taken at :55, Sagan lost 1 second on its depart.

We can also see from the video that Van Aevermet crosses the line at 1:14:33

Computing time is simple
Depart: 58:56
Arrive 1:10:26
Time: 11'30''

Van Aevermet:
Depart: 1:02:55
Arrive: 1:14:33
Time: 11'38''

There are eight seconds between Sagan and Van Avermet according to the timestamps. It's possible that video mistakes by one second, surely not by two. If we considered that RCS completely mistaked time of a Lotto-NL Jumbo rider, i am not surprised.

So, who is the real winner of Tirreno - Adriatico?
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Re: Is Sagan the Real Tirreno - Adriatico winner?

Post by Pigna »

Thanks for the article Alessio. The most serious thing is that at this point I am not surprised. Shame on you RCS, amateur races have more professional organizations. Vegni deserves the most exciting Fight for Pink of the history: Pirazzi vs Rebellin.
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Re: Is Sagan the Real Tirreno - Adriatico winner?

Post by Sagan99 »

The most scandalous thing is, that in a World Tour race, RCS has not even the photocell at the start |oes
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