Editor is still experiencing some problems due to Google Services and OSM Elevation down at same time. Honestly at the moment we don't know if we are able to fix it in a short time.

You can still, for the moment, use the editor importing a GPX on it to get profiles.

Shoutbox is off as we are tired of people abusing it.

Please don't spam us mail and PMs that we won't answer.

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by Iruñako
14/11/2018, 13:06
Forum: The editor
Topic: Important communication about the editor
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Re: Important communication about the editor

Hi! When I try to create a new route using draw profile button, it doesn't run. The map becomes grey and the profile is never created. I think that route editor is failing. Besides, I have tested using three different browsers: Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer. I hope that this problem can be resolved ...