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by tomrenm
28/07/2019, 13:53
Forum: Contests 2019
Topic: Contest #3 - Voting
Replies: 25
Views: 2540

Re: Contest #3 - Voting

5. Arnorius + Well designed route all the way, with interesting stages in the first week, and tough mountain stages later. Hard, but not too hard. - The first ITT could make to big gaps and decide the yellow jersey for the next week. 4. Bocmanis82...
by tomrenm
09/05/2019, 22:36
Forum: Contests 2019
Topic: Contest #1 - Voting
Replies: 12
Views: 911

Re: Contest #1 - Voting

FIFTH PLACE - jibvalverde A lot of hard stages, would be hard for the riders. I think it's not too hard, but maybe the first half of the tour could have been som easier. I think stage 20 finish would be interseting. FOURTH PLACE - Ikhoudvanfrikandellen If this is the very first Grand Tour in Colombi...
by tomrenm
24/04/2019, 14:15
Forum: Contests 2019
Topic: Contest #1 - Colombia Grand Tour
Replies: 25
Views: 2324

Re: Contest #1 - Colombia Grand Tour As it is the first grand tour of Colombia, the start should be in the country. Since Bogota has been an important city for centuries, as well as the first capital in modern history, it's natural to have Grand Depart here. I wanted to cover all the...
by tomrenm
02/09/2018, 16:39
Forum: The editor
Topic: Bugs
Replies: 92
Views: 11993

Re: Bugs

I have problems with tracking in Norway. When I have made the route and click on "draw profile", the profile use to show all flat, even though it's big hills or mountains in the route. It also takes very long time to draw the "flat profile". I thought it was because of missing data of height level f...
by tomrenm
05/08/2018, 22:10
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Tour Preparation Races - Voting
Replies: 18
Views: 2277

Re: Tour Preparation Races - Voting

5th place : Mauro-V1: maps/tours/view/9531 - plus for making the route in a historical perspective, but it's maybe some hard. 4th place : Dennis1107-V1: maps/tours/view/9787 - nice combination of hilly and mountain stages, but not as interessting mounatin stages as the top three parcours. 3th place ...
by tomrenm
05/07/2018, 23:33
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Tour de France 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 7/7)
Replies: 72
Views: 13170

Re: Tour de France 2018 (Cat. 1, deadline on 7/7) 1 La Roche-sur-Yon > Noirmoutier-en-l'Île 189.99 Km - Plain 2 La Barre-de-Monts > Les Espesses 188.64 Km - Plain 3 Cholet > Vannes 195.25 Km - Plain 4 Vannes > Corlay 150.60 Km - Medium mountain 5 Quimper > Camaret-sur-Mer 126.31 Km - Medium mounta...
by tomrenm
26/06/2018, 19:16
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Tour de France preparation races (Cat. 3)
Replies: 32
Views: 4620

Re: Tour de France preparation races (Cat. 3) 1 Genève > Genève 176.09 Km flat stage 2 Lausanne > Gstaad 161.05 Km mountain 3 Gstaad > Luzern 170.58 Km hilly 4 Luzern > Vaduz 168.45 Km hilly 5 Chur > Gotthardpass 176.31 Km moutain 6 Sion > Locarno 209.54 Km hilly 7 Locarno > Ascona 26.41 Km IT...
by tomrenm
07/05/2018, 20:34
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)
Replies: 61
Views: 7365

Re: Giro preparation races (Cat. 3)

Sagan Tour of Slovakia Peter Sagan is by now three times World Champion and one of the most popular cyclists in the world, but there's no World Tour race in Slovakia yet. Slovakia is a country, and not a region, but it's not the biggest one, and wa...
by tomrenm
26/03/2018, 0:44
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Winter Stage Races - Voting
Replies: 36
Views: 5913

Re: Winter Stage Races - Voting

FIFTH PLACE - Sagan99 The route is good, with several interesting stages. The two mountain stages aren't too dificult, so the climbers would have some problems to earn a big gap, but the last TT isn't too long compared to the mountains. Some small start/finish destinations in Italy. FOURTH PLACE - r...
by tomrenm
02/03/2018, 0:20
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Winter Stage Races (Cat. 2, deadline on 14/3)
Replies: 95
Views: 10653

Re: Winter Stage Races (Cat. 2, deadline on 14/3)

Paris Adriatico The tour features 4 sprinter stages, 6 hilly stages, 2 mountain stages ad 1 ITT. There are stages for all kind of riders, as well those who likes dirt roads. The GC shouldn't be decided before the last stages, and there are challeng...
by tomrenm
13/02/2018, 20:10
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Tour Down Harder - Voting
Replies: 42
Views: 5186

Re: Tour Down Harder - Voting

5. pesallu -v2 - 1 point: ( Interesting start at Tasmania with three various stages, before the TT. A bit long transfer from south of Tasmania to the main part of Australia, maybe it should be a rest day between. I would more like to see a flat TT...
by tomrenm
10/02/2018, 17:34
Forum: Contests 2018
Topic: Tour Down Harder (Cat. 2, deadline on 10/2)
Replies: 48
Views: 6393

Re: Tour Down Harder (Cat. 2, deadline on 10/2) stage 1: Central Coast > Sydney, 157 km (flat) stage 2: Campbelltown > Kiama, 174 km (hilly) stage 3: Nowra > Berry Mountain, 115 km (mountain) stage 4: Milton > Clyde Mountain, 157 km (mountain) stage 5: Queanbeyan > Queanbeyan, 19 km (ITT) stage ...