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Alberto's races

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Alberto's races

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Here is the Tour I submitted for the contest. The argument is the travels of Remi and Mattia as described in "Sans famille" novel by Henry Malot, and in the animated TV serie


Many of the stages remembers the novel: so Tokio as starting point, as in Tokio the animated serie was made.
Then Lucca, native town for Mattia, Remi's friend. Ussel, where Remi for the first time took art in Vitali's show. Mende, with the barber and musician who understood Mattia's talent. Again, Toulouse where Vitali was prisoned, and London where Remi found his family (that was discovered not being his real family). And finally te places where Malot has born (La Bouille) and dead (Fontenay-sous-Bois)

Going to technicalities
We have four monumental mountain stages (three in Alps and one in Pyrenees), two stages with important climbs (Mont Ventoux and Puty de Dome). Four time trial stages (the first one for team, the Tarbes-Pau as the ancient long time trial stages in the Tour golden age, the climb to Alpe d'Huez, the final stage instead to be the usual show for sprinters will be a time trial, like 1989 when Fignon and Lemond competed until last meter). We also have a pavè stage at stage #3, with some pavè sectors from Paris-Roubaix including Trouée d'Arenberg.

Logistics. The tour is designed to start on Thursday and having three rest days, first one the second day in correspondency with the travel from Tokyo to London, second one in Bordeaux and third one in Bourg-d'Oisance. Lucca stage is designed shorter than usual so to allow to finish in early afternoon and to trasfer by car in Aosta for following stage

Six countries in addition to France are involved: Japan, England, Monaco and Italy host a stage, while Switzerland and Belgium are touched without hosting a stage
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