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APM Coefficients in climbs

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APM Coefficients in climbs

Post by emmea90 » 02/01/2018, 0:27

From today you will find a new features in computing climb coefficients on the climb view

We will use, from now, APM coefficients in climb map and climb listing. You can find more news about APM coefficients there:

This is mainly why the previous system doesn't take into account slope change in the climb and also gave too many advantages in climbs with higher slopes, no matter the length. The paradox was that, for example, Mauna Kea with only the final part (the one harder) was considered harder than the full climb, from sea.

Considering the previous formula (length * slope^2) was not enougth. This would've gone in advantage too much to long climbs because higher slopes were not properly considered. We choosed so to implement APM coefficient.

From now climbs inserted in map (but also private) will get an APM coefficient instead of the previous one.
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