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Automatic Climb Categories in Edit Mode

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Automatic Climb Categories in Edit Mode

Post by EthanBaron »


Recently discovered this editor and am super-impressed with the software. Thanks for making this available!

Had one suggestion I wanted to share:

In the track editor, when the climbs on the route are automatically shown (under "Route Climbs"), I'm noticing that sometimes the software does not show the most difficult category that would fit the climb. For instance, there may be a Cat-1 climb, but if the beginning (which has a smaller slope) is cut off, it turns into an HC climb (because of a greater slope, and therefore, a greater difficulty). Surely, a climb that includes an HC-climb in the middle cannot be classified as easier than HC? Another case where this can happen is when one long climb with a section in the middle with a lower slope is 'split' into two smaller climbs, each with a lower category. Is there a way to ensure that the editor automatically shows the climbs (or parts of the climbs) with the greatest category?

Hope you can figure something out! If there's something I can do on my end to change this, please let me know as well.


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