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Issues with the Climb Search Feature

Posted: 28/10/2020, 15:37
by TourDeFranceGO
Hello LFR staff and members of the community.

Recently a lot of my climbs have been rejected. And there is no problem with the fact that they have been rejected by staff you guys are just doing what your meant to do. But there is a problem here. Whenever I use the search for climbs it often doesn't return existing climbs. This isn't an issue with me filling in the wrong thing or not adding accents either. Climbs like the Croix de Coeur, Col de Mantet, and several others, I searched for and no results came up. So naturally I submitted climbs to be added to the map. Except they actually already exist so my climbs are being rejected. They won't come up on this search, only to then suddenly appear out of nowhere on the climb list when I create a stage including them. So in conclusion, either there is something I'm doing wrong (but i highly doubt there is) or there is a problem with this search system because it isn't returning climbs when in fact they are already there.

Can anyone help explain this?

Thanks in advance :D