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Heat map: Tour de France editions

Posted: 17/04/2020, 19:35
by enriqueADV
Hi all
Since several time ago I'm trying to find a way to represent in one map stages from different editions of the Tour de France, so you can get a kind of heat map where you can visualize the roads most frequently used in the TdF. As a reference, the Strava heatmap for example.
Also, ideally it would be great that you can select the year(s) you want to show, so the TdF editions are layers on the map.
I know that going back into the old editions is not easy or possible at all (not enough data of the exact route or roads were different to the current ones), but for the last decades it's possible to find or elaborate tracks. La Flamme Rouge has done the tracks of the TdF from 2002 on, which it's a great starting point.

I'm talking about the TdF because the amount of information available and general interest, but obviously this could be done for other gran tours, monuments, multi-stage races, etc.

I like digital cartography but I'm not an expert on software/apps/webs that could do this TdF heatmap, so I'm asking for tools to start to work in this project, with preference for open source software.
Thanks in advance for any suggestion or recommendation.