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Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 07/03/2021, 13:19
by emmea90
Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

In this topic you can vote for the European Pre-Season Races, according to the following rules.


How to vote

1 - You have to judge the track according to the requirements: contests/contest-entry-contest-t7388.html

2 - You have to write in a post your best FIVE routes, from worse to best, providing a brief motivation for each choice




How does it work?
- First choice got 6 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 and fifth 1 point.
- Presentation bonus grant you 3 points (we will add later with penalties who took the bonus)
- Ranking will be made according to points obtained
- In case of equality I will decide the winner
- You can also comment other people's reviews regarding your or other one's routes

Who can vote?
- Every user that submitted a contest (full points vote)
- Every user in the La Flamme Rouge Staff (Emmea90, Pigna, Sagan99, Matthorse, Nasdon33, Linkinito, Bose12)
- Every user that has registered BEFORE today and has at least 10 tracks in the editor. In this case, his votes counts half of the points scale

- Every user that submitted a contest and doesn't submit a valid vote (with 5 choices and motivations) will get a 10 points penalty for all his routes.
- It's FORBBIDDEN to ask for votes. Who will be caught public or privately asking for a vote to some users will get a 50 points penalty in first instance, then the exclusion from all the contests of the year
- Vote penalties for unpracticable routes will be assigned by staff during this phase

Requisites for the +3 bonus
- Providing link of the tour in the post
- Providing viewable image of each stage with a description in the post

Deadline for vote phase is march 29, h 23.59

Emilio.torre: maps/tours/view/17597 / maps/tours/view/17787
Luna23: maps/tours/view/17887 / maps/tours/view/17889
Mauro: maps/tours/view/17877 / maps/tours/view/17882 +3 presentation
Appropriate-ear: maps/tours/view/17601 / maps/tours/view/17892
Jajoejoe: maps/tours/view/17876 / maps/tours/view/17878 +3 presentation
Davandluz: maps/tours/view/17901 / maps/tours/view/18002 +3 presentation
Luigi.russo: maps/tours/view/17891 / maps/tours/view/17894 +3 presentation
Jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/17913 / maps/tours/view/17914 +3 presentation
Antoinvds: maps/tours/view/17896 / maps/tours/view/17911
Sagan99: maps/tours/view/17929 / maps/tours/view/17938
AjachiChakrabarti: maps/tours/view/17867 / maps/tours/view/17890 +3 presentation
Belgian4444: maps/tours/view/17947 / maps/tours/view/17953 +3 presentation
Player: maps/tours/view/17712 / maps/tours/view/17977
Micek_52: maps/tours/view/17986 / maps/tours/view/17999 +3 presentation
benoît.guillot: maps/tours/view/17883 / maps/tours/view/17883 +3 presentation
CelentanoTour: maps/tours/view/17886 / maps/tours/view/17965 +3 presentation
Cycling Lennart: maps/tours/view/17969 / maps/tours/view/18000 +3 presentation
Xander66: maps/tours/view/17926 / maps/tours/view/18013 +3 presentation
Giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/17988 / maps/tours?userid=3056 +3 presentation
Improb: maps/tours/view/18017 / maps/tours/view/18018 +3 presentation
Arnorius: maps/tours/view/17951 / maps/tours/view/17950 +3 presentation
Diego12Alpe: maps/tours/view/17995 / maps/tours/view/18020 +3 presentation
IamCeeKae: maps/tours/view/17899 / maps/tours/view/17905
BrumDog66: maps/tours/view/17981 / maps/tours/view/18022 +3 presentation

Not admitted
Nebe: maps/tours/view/17933 (should've been 2 races)

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 10:21
by Micek_52
TourDeFranceGO wrote: 08/03/2021, 10:13 How can the deadline be in the past?!
Probably it was meant 29.03.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 12:48
by Belgian4444
@Sagan99 is it possible that your stages for the Latium Tour are set on private? I can't see them.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 13:57
by Belgian4444

Same idea as me to place one in Morocco, so bonus point :p. But instead you chose one for the classics riders and it worked out fairly well. Could have used one more hilly stage though. The second race is nice as well, but sadly by including only one big mountain stage, there'll probably be only one stage relevant for the GC.


Next two routes are a bit the same: very well made climbers route, but the classics route has some minor issues. Here, only one stage will bring any gap in the GC for the classics riders: the second stage. And while the placement of white roads is good, I don't like that some are downhill (safety). Love the climbers ITT and the general route is good.

THIRD PLACE: Luigi.Russo

Climbers route is very tough, but again: I love the inclusion of a climbers ITT. Classics route will be exciting for the GC, but more because it will be hard to gain any lead than toughness of the route.

SECOND PLACE: Celentanotour

Basic classic tour, but it has all it needs. Climbers tour is great.

FIRST PLACE: Jibvalverde

Nice cobbles stage in the classics tour, both routes seem fairly balanced. GJ.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 16:27
by davandluz
Belgian4444 wrote: 08/03/2021, 13:57 FOURTH PLACE: Davandluz

Next two routes are a bit the same: very well made climbers route, but the classics route has some minor issues. Here, only one stage will bring any gap in the GC for the classics riders: the second stage. And while the placement of white roads is good, I don't like that some are downhill (safety). Love the climbers ITT and the general route is good.
Hello Belgian4444, thanks a lot for your vote!

The white roads I have chosen the downhill gravel sections to make the race competitive, most of the times they just have a light gradient (and in Magnano, the only occasion in which the gradient is a bit sharper, there are no sharp turns) - in the Strade Bianche you find much steeper sections in gravel in descent. I had safety in mind, and just sought to track a route to prepare also for this particular terrain (as found at the Strade Bianche, for instance).

I probably should've taken more space to explain it in the tour description!

Here the three downhill sections' pictures:




Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 16:27
by davandluz
Could not get the spoilers to work :/

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 18:49
by Sagan99
Belgian4444 wrote: 08/03/2021, 12:48 @Sagan99 is it possible that your stages for the Latium Tour are set on private? I can't see them.
ah ok, i will fix them

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 08/03/2021, 19:17
by Micek_52
First of all: You may shoot me, but if a Classics race had a Time Trial, i just didn't look at the rest. :ehmmm: There are no TT classics, and I really don't know why you would use a TT as a training for classics.

As for other tracks (that passed the sudden death criterium), as always I used a points system, with the highest possible score of 30

A - CLASSIC RACE (15pts)
[A1]- Length (6pts): The Classic Race should be between 3 and 6 stages long. Average stage length should not exceed 200 kilometres. Every route starts with 6 points, 2 points are substracted for each stage too many/too little, and 2 points are substracted should the average length exceed 200 kilometres.

[A2]- Stage types (9pts) The classic race should include all three of the following stage types:
- Roubaix type (flat cobblestone/gravel)
- Flanders type (hilly cobblestone/gravel)
- Ardenne type (hilly normal)
Each route starts with 6 points and two points are substracted for each unused stage type. If a route gets 6 points, a maximum of three points are added for other stage types.

B - GC TYPE RACE (15pts)
[B1]- Length (6pts) The GC race should be between 4 and 6 stages long. The average stage length should not exceed 175 kilometres (TT included). Each route starts with 6 points, two points are substracted for each stage too little/too many and also two points are substracted for breaking the average stage rule

[B2]- Stage types (6pts) The GC race should include the following stage types:
- exactly 1 Time Trial
- at least 1 flat stage
- at least 1 high mountain or at least 2 medium mountain stages.
Each route starts with 6 points and two points are substracted for each failed requirement.

[B3]- Maximum elevation (3pts) Because of weather conditions in February, the height limit is 1500m. In case the race is held in southern hemisphere (or if the conditions are deemed warm enough - South Italy, Greece, South Spain...) the limit is 2000m (as it still is just a preparation race, not a GT with Stelvio) 3 points if the limit is adhered to. 0 points otherwise

1st - Diego12Alpe: 26/30 points
The only one who got the perfect score for stage types in classic race. You have all three required types and also some extra ones (one of the stages really looks like Sanremo. I also liked the fact that you succeded in doing that outside of usual Classics territory. The race for GC in New Zealand is also very interesting, although I would really remove the 6th stage. Both tours were a little too long, but good nevertheless.

2nd - Luigi.russo: 25/30 points
Another pair of well designed races and I also like how they are placed in the same region, so someone could actually participate in both races. Unfortunately the whole classics tour only had three sectors of gravel and the GC tour lacked a flat stage. That is why you did not win.

3rd - Davandluz: 24/30 points
The GC tour is well balanced (although I wish it had one stage less), but the Classic race prevented you from getting any higher. Although 3 stages can be considered enough for a Classic preparation race, stage 1 is just not quite right in there. If the race was longer, than it wouldn't be a problem.

4th - Luna23: 23/30 points
The GC tour is quite unbalanced towards the high mountain stages (and lacks a flat stage). The Classics race is another 3-day express example, but it at least all of its stages are kind of logical. But still gets the 4th place as most other routes were bad.

5th - BrumDog66 23/30 points
Your tours were quite simmilar to the ones Luna23 made. But in the end, you had a unlogical stage two of the classics race. That was why you got 5th with the same number of points as the 4th one.

Honorable mentions:
6th - Giorgio.ponticelli - 22/30
7th - Player - 21/30
=8th - AppropriateEar - 20/30
=8th - Arnorius - 20/30
10th - Jajoejoe - 19/30


Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 09/03/2021, 9:35
by benoît.guillot
Micek_52 wrote: 08/03/2021, 19:17 First of all: You may shoot me, but if a Classics race had a Time Trial, i just didn't look at the rest. :ehmmm: There are no TT classics, and I really don't know why you would use a TT as a training for classics.
So the BinckBank Tour is not a classic riders tour ? :asd:

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 09/03/2021, 10:44
by benoît.guillot
Here's my vote for this first contest ! So glad to see everyone's work including the new guys !

Honorable mention to Luna23, Mauro and Giorgio.Ponticelli who nearly made it to my top five :augh:

5th place : IamCeeKae (16.5/20 overall)

Your Schwarzwald Ründfärht is one of the best route i've seen for this contest ! Unfortunately, too many people choose Portugal for the classic riders race and it lower the grade I gave to all this tour.

4th place : BrumDog66 (16.5/20 overall)

I liked the idea to use corsica who deserves a race more than anywhere in France ! Your Salamanca-Cuenca is good too but too short to my taste and not close enough to what i wanted for classic riders.

3rd place : Jibvalverde (16.5/20 overall)

As always you suceed to draw very interresting route in Galice using your dear Espana. As for IamCeeKae, I didn't love the tour in Portugal but yours is good enough to offer your the 3rd place.

2nd place : Diego12Alpe (17/20 overall)

You may have made the first place for your Yorkshire Tour. This is one of my three favorite route of all the contest ! Congrats on that ! Your New-Zealand is good too but others were simply better.

1st place : Xander66 (17.5/20 overall)

Stunning. Your Tour de Corse made the perfect grade in France 20/20. Everything was good : the balance, the transfert, the drawning of the race, ... etc. Your tour of Morocco is bit less godd to me but good enough to earn you the 1st place ! Congrats !

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 10/03/2021, 15:58
by improb
benoît.guillot wrote: 09/03/2021, 9:35
Micek_52 wrote: 08/03/2021, 19:17 First of all: You may shoot me, but if a Classics race had a Time Trial, i just didn't look at the rest. :ehmmm: There are no TT classics, and I really don't know why you would use a TT as a training for classics.
So the BinckBank Tour is not a classic riders tour ? :asd:
Basically any classics stage race has a ITT. Riders need it to train stamina and several TTers happened and still happen to be good in classics. Given how few ITTs there are lately, it makes way more sense to include one than not doing it.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 10/03/2021, 22:24
by Luna23
Am I required to vote? I don't really have an opinion on them all

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 11/03/2021, 0:25
by emmea90
Luna23 wrote: 10/03/2021, 22:24 Am I required to vote? I don't really have an opinion on them all
People that don't cast a vote receives 10 points penalty on their route.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 11/03/2021, 15:53
by jibvalverde
Fifth place : Mauro

A good “Routes des Pavés”, not original at all but well traced. Not fan of the GT Race, a little too easy.

Fourth place : Diego12Alpe

A great race in Yorkshire but not original and, most of all, not great at this time of year… I like your New Zealand Race.

Third place : Davandluz

Good Tre Giorni Piacentina but too short, I should preferred a five stages race. Very well traced Giro di Calabria, with a perfect last stage.

Second place : Belgian444

I love your “Tournai - Pairi Daiza” Race, with cobbled roads not taken by others professionnals races and varied stages. Not a big fan of your “Tour du Rif” but it’s very original and I like that.

First place : Improb

I can only love your Ruta del Norte, because I had pretty much the same idea^^ And I like your Campania Tour as well, even if I regret a little a big ascent. But two great races !

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 12/03/2021, 22:45
by Luna23
FIFTH PLACE - Appropriate-ear
Overall great GC route, classics race could use a bit of work but I have a bias towards the Canary Islands. I know that may sound like a boring reason, but my mind tells me that so my apologies. Overall 6.5/10

FOURTH PLACE - Luigi.russo
The similar regions make the tours interesting, and I like it. The routes feel way more realistic than mine, especially the gravel and Cristo de Maratea time trial. Uphill time trials really make me happy. Overall a very good set of tours, 7.5/10

THIRD PLACE - Jibvalverde
What can I say except well done, the Tour O'Galice (which you meant for GC riders) has a very great route, with hilltop and mountain top finish stages, prone to a GC masterclass. The Tour O'Clasico starting off with an off-road style stage really makes the whole tour appeal to myself, Stage 3 and Stage 6 are the next best, short steep climbs is my real life preference so I can imagine the LBL / LFW targeting riders like Hirschi fighting up the climb and down into the descents. 8.0/10

SECOND PLACE - Davandluz
Another brilliant pair of stage races! I especially love the use of Calabrian Peninsula, the roads there are lovely. Besides looks, Stage 3 of the Calabrian Tour reminds me of a bowl, that's a pro, Stage 2's steep uphill finish is guaranteed to be a challenge for even the best puncheurs. Stage 5's uphill time trial is what ranks the whole thing quite high. For the Tre Giorni Piacentina, despite a post about the downhill gravel sections being unsafe, I think any gravel, downhill or uphill is a pro; therefore I have a positive opinion on it. Stage 2 has an uphill finish which to me is always a pro. 8.0/10

FIRST PLACE - Diego12Alpe
Taking the coveted top spot is Diego12Alpe's New Zealand GC race and a Yorkshire classics race, both are the best of the best in this competition in my opinion, and here's a somewhat long reason why:
SOUTHLAND TOUR - Stage 1 and Stage 2 are almost perfect flat stages, but Stage 3's non paved climb looks extremely brutal, as with Stage 5. The 6th stage is in a league of it's own, with that steep 15.6% average gradient I can imagine some Grand Tour level pros pushing their bikes up the climb. Last stage is a mini-LBL, therefore I like it.
YORKSHIRE CLASSICS TOUR - Right off the bat, stage 1 is quite a leg-acher, especially having cobbled climbs in a very rainy country could upset the hierarchy. Stage 2 is more of the same, cobbled climbs and a mini-LBL again, cobble climbs with 11%+ slopes already look painful. Flat finish in Manchester, but with the short steep climbs on cobbles again, the whole race has been great up to this point. Stage 4 is good, no cobbles for one day to get the legs to work again. Stage 5 reminds me of Binche > Épernay in the 2019 TDF, with many short but painful climbs near the last 35km of the stage. For Stage 6, I only have one thing to say,
Not very difficult stage but with a hard climb at the end which is Jenkin Road. Many of you would remember it because it was the last climb of the second stage of Tour de France 2014
| Basically a solid stage. Mini Flanders for the final stage, steep cobbled climbs butter my bread, that's why this pair of races make my #1

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 13/03/2021, 0:39
by Brumdog66
5) IamCeeKae: Solid tours, but I thought your GC tour was too difficult for a pre Paris-Nice race and the classics race lacked a proper hilly stage.
4) Arnorius: Good but thought the medium mountain stages in the GC were a bit tough and the classics tour didn't have a stage with multiple sections of sterrato or cobbles.
3) Improb: Great stages but having too consecutive mountain stages that difficult is too much for me.
2) Belgian4444: Very close between the top two, only lost out because I think there doesn't need to be more classic racing in Belgium (although I do appreicate it is a lesser used region.
1) Sagan99: Really liked both tours, only quibble which has already been mentioned is the descent-heavy sterrato.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 14/03/2021, 17:18
by IamCeeKae
Decent GC race in Greece, a pretty original location to be submitted in the contest, and a particularly impressive classics stage race located in and around Foggia, Italy. Although this location is not as unique as the one from Peloponnesos, I can definitely see it as a fitting classics stage race, especially given that it’s supposed to be during the early cycling season, when the weather is generally worse than mid-season. Some of the stages in the classics stage race can be considered LBL on steroids though, and it appears to lack cobbled/gravel sectors completely throughout, only making it a proper, but still nice fit for true punchers and hill cyclists.

A decent submission with a set of stage races that doesn’t necessarily stand out, but which isn’t all bad either. The choice to make the classics stage race in Morocco longer than the GC stage race in Corsica is a unique and original one, for that matter.

THIRD PLACE: davandluz
Although this contest submission is completely centered around Italy, the choice for a Giro di Calabria was well made, with some very nice stages, the second one from Trebisacce to Savelli in particular. The creator also gave a good reason for choosing Calabria as the region for their GC stage race, what with it not often being included in the Giro d’Italia by itself. Additionally, the three day classics stage race in northern Italy, around Piacenza, looks good as well, though the last route could probably better have been reversed, so there’d be a more limited amount of downhill gravel/cobble sectors in the stage.

SECOND PLACE: CelentanoTour
This contest submission shows a GC stage race through Calabria in a similar fashion to that of davandluz, with in addition to that, making proper, but modest use of circuits in stage finals. There’s lots of variability going on in this GC stage race, with stages that can favour plenty of different types of cyclists that make an appealing start list for onlookers to skim through. The Calabria GC stage race is very similar to that of davandluz in that regard. What makes this contest submission stand out is the use of cobbled sectors in a time-trial in the classics stage race. It’s something you don’t see often in stage races, if ever. There’s also the opportunity for both cobble cyclists as well as hill cyclists, the punchers, to win a stage, as the hills and cobbles are separated from each other by a day, in two different stages.

FIRST PLACE: jibvalverde
A nice Tour de Galicia with a first stage that could, at first impression, be seen as a classics stage by itself. The stages are varied, which makes it a great chance and an attractive choice for different types of cyclists to participate in, especially for what can be considered a reasonably short GC stage race. The classics stage race in Portugal stretches out over the entire country, rather than a specific region like my own, and perhaps that’s just the reason why the amount of variety in the nation’s landscape and profile terrain is better expressed in this submission than my own. A great set of stage races overall.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 20/03/2021, 23:29
by CelentanoTour
FIFTH PLACE - Xander66 (10/20 points)

The GT race is very interesting: despite being one of the shortest proposals is difficult at the right point, allowing a guaranteed show, in a beautiful location. However, it lacks a ITT, needed for a perfect preparation. Unfortunately, the race for the classics does not have the same good level. Apart from the ITT (I appreciate that you have included it) and the final stage, the others stages do not seem worthy of note and do not particularly exalt the riders in preparation for the classics. In any case your GT race deserves my vote!

FOURTH PLACE - Jibvalverde (12/20 points)

The tour de Galice is very interesting: I loved the third stage, the queen stage of the race, perfect. However, I didn’t like the 4 stage that seemed to me exaggerated, as well as the chronometer with an impossible logistics (think of the parking lots and the cars that have to return to the start). In any case, balanced and perfect for a preparation of the beginning of the year. The second race, however, is very beautiful, in a beautiful country. It looks really intriguing! The route is very demanding, it could be something more than a preparation! Really good work.

THIRD PLACE - Mauro (14/20 points)

As always both your races are very appreciable. The race for GT is really beautiful, although not too hard. I really liked the ITTs and the MTF. I appreciate your attention to detail and feasibility of the routes. In the competition for classics there is everything you need, combines tradition and novelty in a very interesting mix. One of the few who managed to make two high-level races: great work that brings you on my personal podium!

SECOND PLACE - Diego12Alpe (17.5/20 points)

The battle for the first two positions was much fought. The two races have a very high level. The stage race makes the most of the characteristics of the territory. The two ascents, despite being repetitive, promise a spectacle worthy of the great climbs. New Zealand rips are so hard... Every detail is taken care of, and I love that very much. The race for classics, is definitely the most beautiful of all those presented.

FIRST PLACE - Antoinvds (17.5/20 points)

I loved every single thing you did! The stage race is perfect. The queen stage is spectacular, but each stage is truly unpredictable. Even the final ITT leaves every speech open to the last. Even the race for classics is very beautiful, favors every type of rider with always spectacular routes. An excellent job, congratulations on the first place!

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 25/03/2021, 13:15
by Xander66
First of all, some general remarks:
A lot of the classic routes were created in either the Benelux or the region around Roubaix. And although the routes in itself were pretty nice I didn’t consider them very suited for this contest, for 2 reasons. As for preparation races, I think the weather isn’t stable enough and most riders would prefer to ride races in warmer regions, also I don’t think it’s a very good idea to organise a stage race where a couple of weeks later the real classics take place.
Secondly, I think a lot of routes were a bit too much. Races with 5 hard climbs or 10 cobble/white road sections are of course very nice to watch, but again I don’t think it’s what riders want in a preparation race. I don’t think riders would want these kind of challenging routes in February, maybe for 1 stage but definitely not for 2-3 stages in a row.

5th place: Belgian4444
GC-race: I also chose Morocco for my races, so I can’t not like this. Maybe a bit too much climbing in stage 3, and I also have some doubts if the roads are always doable, if you didn't go on a dirt road at some point (just a hunch though, maybe you checked them while tracking?)
Classics race: out of all the ‘northern’ routes, I for sure liked yours the most. The parcours offers two great stages to test the legs, but maybe I personally would cut out some cobbles or climbs. But also the regional choice is a plus, staying away from the key parts of the classics.

4th place: benoît.guillot
For both your races, I really enjoyed the themes you tried to create, even though it has nothing to do with cycling it’s nice to see a story behind the race.
GC-race: it is a bit unbalanced I think (for example the MTF at stage 2), but that’s mostly due to the Alexios theme I think. Also I think the final TT might a bit too long for this race.
Classics race: really strong focus on punchy finals for the strong guys, which is perfect for a classics preparation. I do however miss a pure sprinting stage, feels like they are a bit forgotten here.

3rd place: CelentanoTour
GC-race: a TTT, thank you! We need more of those and it suits your race perfectly. I do like the fact that the mountain stages are early in the race, it leaves some excitement for the end with a more punchy final.
Classics race: this race definitely costs you a higher spot in my votes. The prologue in the city centre is too dangerous in my opinion. Short turns, road itself could be dangerous if it rains. Also the white roads in your second stage is a bit over the top I think.

2nd place: Sagan99
GC-race: I mean, wow, just wow. By far the best GC-race of this contest. Mountains aren’t too difficult, there aren't too many of them, just perfect for a preparation race.
Classics race: your second stage here kind of killed your chances to win, I’ve said it before, I just don’t like to see these kind of stages in a preparation race. Also I think the TT is a bit too long, it gives the specialists too much of an edge I think.

1st place: Arnorius
GC-race: my first concern was the fact that in this year the race wouldn’t attract too many riders because Down Under and so were cancelled. But in a normal year it would be the perfect follow-up, giving chances to the real climbers outside of Europe. However, I personally would’ve swapped a hilly stage for another sprinting opportunity.
Classics race: it’s just good, a simple tour but that’s what a preparation race has to be like. I think every rider can find a stage here that suits him.
So yeah, a well-deserved first place.

Re: Contest #1 - Entry contest [Cat. 3] - Voting

Posted: 26/03/2021, 10:04
by Belgian4444
Xander66 wrote: 25/03/2021, 13:15 just a hunch though, maybe you checked them while tracking?
As far as Google Maps and satellite images go: yes :p Avoiding dirt roads was my main concern.