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Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 10/10/2021, 14:01
by emmea90
Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

In this topic you can vote for the End of Season Contest, according to the following rules.


How to vote

1 - You have to judge the track according to the requirements: contests/contest-end-season-contest-fin ... t7442.html

2 - You have to write in a post your best FIVE routes, from worse to best, providing a brief motivation for each choice




How does it work?
- First choice got 6 points, second 4, third 3, fourth 2 and fifth 1 point.
- Presentation bonus grant you 3 points (we will add later with penalties who took the bonus)
- Ranking will be made according to points obtained
- In case of equality I will decide the winner
- You can also comment other people's reviews regarding your or other one's routes

Who can vote?
- Every user that submitted a contest (full points vote)
- Every user in the La Flamme Rouge Staff (Emmea90, Pigna, Sagan99, Matthorse, Nasdon33, Linkinito, Bose12)
- Every user that has registered BEFORE today and has at least 10 tracks in the editor. In this case, his votes counts half of the points scale

- Every user that submitted a contest and doesn't submit a valid vote (with 5 choices and motivations) will get a 10 points penalty for all his routes.
- It's FORBBIDDEN to ask for votes. Who will be caught public or privately asking for a vote to some users will get a 50 points penalty in first instance, then the exclusion from all the contests of the year
- Vote penalties for unpracticable routes will be assigned by staff during this phase

Requisites for the +3 bonus
- Providing link of the tour in the post
- Providing viewable image of each stage with a description in the post

Deadline for vote phase is october 23, h 23.59

Will4563: maps/tours/view/19538 +4 bonus
Rmax85: maps/tours/view/19549 +4 bonus
Davandluz: maps/tours/view/19550 +4 bonus
Jibvalverde: maps/tours/view/19563 +4 bonus
Jajoejoe: maps/tours/view/19570 +4 bonus
Belgian4444: maps/tours/view/19574 +4 bonus
Betto: maps/tours/view/19581 +4 bonus
JoostvandeBeek: maps/tours/view/19564 +4 bonus
giorgio.ponticelli: maps/tours/view/19621 +4 bonus

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 12/10/2021, 11:18
by Will4563
This is my votes, and I would like to say that the winner is choosen with a very small margin.

1st place:
Jajoejoe, good races, you have found almost a identical race in southern Italy, and I liked the small changes you made.

2nd place:
Rmax85, almost the same as Jajoejoe, but I miss some more downhill after the third climb in Emillia.

3rd place:
Davandluz, I like the races, the only thing I miss is a bigger climb in Emillia.

4rth place:
JoostvandeBeek, the only thing I didn't like by your route, was that you only climb to the church at the last lap in Emillia.

5th place:
giorgio.ponticelli, the only thing with your route, was that you didn't have Tre Valli in a circuit.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 13/10/2021, 11:03
by Belgian4444
These kind are my favourite contests, a shame there wasn't a lot of interest.


It was either you or Joost, since you both made the same errors, but the Lombardia route was just that tiny bit better. Emilia: extra long climb added just before the final loops, not too big of a deal since the climbs are fine. Tre Valli: not the same profile before the loops start and 2 loops too many, but also not a big deal since the climbs are fine here as well. Too many climbs added in Milano-Torino, it just needs 2, but again: the final climbs are ok. Gran Piemonte is a mix of routes and not a recreation. Lombardia: combo Madonna/Sormano is not really the same and a bit too heavy, but the final climbs are fine.


Emilia is too hard and a lot of (pretty heavy) climbs are added. Tre Valli climb is a bit long, but I guess the difficulty stays the same so it's fine. Milano-Torino: final climbs are a bit too far from eachother. Gran Piemonte is very good and I appreciate that you took the harder to emulate one from 2020. I miss the combo Madonna/Sormano in your Lombardia and the final climbs are switched (steeper one last).

THIRD PLACE: Jibvalverde

Emilia, Tre Valli & Milano-Torino are very good. Gran Piemonte is a mix and doesn't emulate a specific version. Madonna replacement is a bit long, but the Lombardia is also well recreated.


All very good, except the Lombardia. The Madonna/Sormano combo are two very long climbs and the end are 2 climbs extremely close to each other. Profile is quite ok anyway.

FIRST PLACE: Davandluz

Tre Valli might be a tad too easy and I'm not sure if the finish in Milano-Torino is realistic (2 hairpins right before the finish), but I saw no major errors. Well done!

Since there are so few entries:

JoostvandeBeek: same as Rmax, but as I said: I liked his Lombardia a bit more, whereas I liked your Milano-Torino a bit more. Too bad that it is the difference between points or not.

Betto: Not sure why you get a presentation bonus and sadly I didn't think any route was up to par.

giorgio.ponticelli: also close to 5th, but the Tre Valli doesn't really emulate the race.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 13/10/2021, 16:35
by davandluz
5TH PLACE - JoostvandeBeek:
Giro dell'Emilia --> The final climb is too long, and the one in the circuit is too steep in any case.
Tre Valli Varesine --> Even though there is not brief descent between he Lancusi and Gaiano climbs, I think it's a very good entry.
Milano-Torino --> I would've avoided the Busso detour, but the rest works fine.
Gran Piemonte --> I would've avoided inserting the big climbs at the start to give sprinters a more clear chance.
Il Lombardia --> The Monte Acerone is not practicable at all. The Valico di Campoli del Monte Taburno and the Valico di Camposauro should be inverted theoretically.

4TH PLACE - giorgio.ponticelli:
Giro dell'Emilia --> The circuit climb is a bit too long and hard, but it's a pretty decent entry.
Tre Valli Varesine --> It should be raced in a circuit. Not enough climbing overall.
Milano-Torino --> The final climb is somewhat too short, and it would've been better if the circuit was less than 30 Km long. Lastly, Busso is not a Campobasso hamlet.
Gran Piemonte --> Glad you kept it as a sprinters classic.
Il Lombardia --> The downhill after the Doglie KOM is too narrow, and the race is too short, but Paestum as the finish location is a nice idea.

3RD PLACE - Rmndax85:
Giro dell'Emilia --> The approach to the circuit is quite different, and the circuit lenght might be too long, especially considering that the main climb is almost one Km longer but with a 9% average gradient, but it's a good entry nonetheless.
Tre Valli Varesine --> The San Lorenzo Maggiore is quite different in terms of gradients and lenght to what would be found in the actual route, but the circuit works well.
Milano-Torino --> Obviously we agree on this one, the approach to the final part could've been lighter though. What's with the finish line placement tough? Much better to end the race in the town center.
Gran Piemonte --> The race should be won by a sprinter who can endure climbing, I would've designed it for pure sprinters.
Il Lombardia --> Wouldn't have inserted the Corpo di Cava bit, but otherwise it's a decent entry. Another thing that does not convince me is the lenght of the Colli di San Pietro, which should not be longer than the Arola climb.

2ND PLACE - jibvalverde:
Giro dell'Emilia --> A longer climb should've been taken in the approach, instead of a repetition of small climbs, given the chance to do so considering the area. The circuit is good. Lastly, it's santuario, not sanctuario, and the name should be Giro di Campania.
Tre Valli Varesine --> The climbs in the circuit are too short, and there is too much flat inbetween them.
Milano-Torino --> The downhill road to Brindisi Montagna is quite narrow, and I would have avoided inserting the climb to Irsina, but the route works, even if it should be in a loop.
Gran Piemonte --> I would have preferred a flatter route.
Il Lombardia --> The Valico del Lupo should be a bit tougher, but the last part works very well.

1ST PLACE - jajoejoe:
Giro dell'Emilia --> I don't think the concrete of the downhill part of the circuit is in proper conditions to safely host a cycling race.
Tre Valli Varesine --> One climb instead of two in the main circuit, but I think it works.
Milano-Torino --> Very nice version of the Milano-Torino.
Gran Piemonte --> Glad you kept it as a sprinters classic.
Il Lombardia --> The final part differs a bit too much from the original (the last two climbs are both very steep and short), and I think the initial part differs quite a bit: I would have cut the Altavilla detour short and inserted a climb later in the race (Montecorvine di Pugliano perhaps).
Other entries (ordered by personal preference)

Giro dell'Emilia --> Very nice circuit (although I would've cut the flat part a bit shorter), but I don't undersand why the finish line is not located on top of the climb. Where you placed the finish line, there is no church, as well.
Tre Valli Varesine --> The circuit is not really similar (only one climb and a lot of flat), and the roads after the Montorio nei Frentani KOM are in no racing conditions. Lastly, it's neither Molisse nor Molissa though, it's Molise.
Milano-Torino --> The Vesuvio climb does not have the same gradients of the Superga climb, you should've chosen a steeper terrain.
Gran Piemonte --> I would've given sprinters a chance.
Il Lombardia --> The Castelmauro climb is too long and steep, and the race is a bit too short. The last two climbs should be further away from the Colma di Sormano replacement.

Giro dell'Emilia --> The Terreti climb is too long, and the approach to the final circuit is too difficult.
Tre Valli Varesine --> Only one climb per lap instead of two, but the race works in the end.
Milano-Torino --> Last two climbs too far apart one from the other, and a bit too long, too.
Gran Piemonte --> I would've given sprinters a chance.
Il Lombardia --> Only one climb instead of two in the final section do not convince me. Names are spelled incorrectly.

Giro dell'Emilia --> The final circuit is only repeated three times, the finish should be uphill, the approach is completely different.
Tre Valli Varesine --> The circuit(s) should be shorter and with briefer climbs.
Milano-Torino --> The final part - but not only that - does not resemble at all the actual race.
Gran Piemonte --> I would've given sprinters a chance.
Il Lombardia --> It's just not similar at all: take the last part, it's three climbs in a short distance, the first two without steep gradients, which can only be found in the last climb (that's too long in any case). Avellino with two Ls.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 14/10/2021, 13:59
by Will4563
davandluz wrote: 13/10/2021, 16:35
Names are spelled incorrectly.
I'm sorry, i'm not italian but danish. Maybe I just pressed wrong on my keyboard.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 14/10/2021, 22:10
by davandluz
Will4563 wrote: 14/10/2021, 13:59
davandluz wrote: 13/10/2021, 16:35
Names are spelled incorrectly.
I'm sorry, i'm not italian but danish. Maybe I just pressed wrong on my keyboard.
Local authorities are one of the main drivers of sponsorships in professional cycling, l think that the minimum we can do in our presentations is to spell the places names correctly. Copy-paste if you are unsure.

In any case, it's not that I excluded you from my persoal top 5 because of that. That being said, if I judge two entries to be svery similar, I will favour that who will pay closer attention to these details.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 22/10/2021, 18:49
by jibvalverde
FIFTH PLACE - Will4563
I really don’t like your Il Basilicata, especially in the final. Other races are fine but not good enough.

FOURTH PLACE - JoostvandeBeek
Giro di Basilicata too hard (shame because great idea), Tre Valli dell'Irno is good, Napoli – Campobasso is really good, even if final climb is a little too simple (not enough %), excellent Gran Molise. Il Campania is good too, but I think the two final climbs are too much alike.

THIRD PLACE - Jajoejoe
Very good Giro di Basilicata. Perfect Tre Valli Avellinese. Napoli-Campobasso is great too. Gran Molise simple but efficient. A little disappointed by Il Campania, it’s too bad. I don’t really like what you did.

SECOND PLACE - Davandluz
Il Lombardia a little too light but a brilliant Tre Valli Varesine. I love it ! Giro dell'Emilia correct. It’s good even if not perfect.

Really good races. I’m a little skeptical for your Tre Valli but it’s a very good job for the others, escepially Il Campania. Well done !

Belgian4444 : Not a fan of any of your races. Sorry. And very disappointed by Lombardia.

BETTO : Sorry but I don’t understand any of your choices, except for the Giro d’ell Emilia race.

giorgio.ponticelli : Very good Giro della Puglia, one of the best of the contest. But not fan of the other races… Tre Valli must be a circuit, Il Campania is a little frustrating, final climb of Napoli – Campobasso too short.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 23/10/2021, 10:40
by JoostvandeBeek
5. giorgio.ponticelli - Giro di Puglia is good. Tre Valli is not on a circuit like it should be, and race is littel too flat. Busso climb is a bit too short in Napoli Campobasso. Gran Molise is nice. Il Campania is solid.
4. jibvalverde - Nice Giro del Lettere, run up little bit on the easy side. Tre Valli Fassano is a littl3 too easy. Bari-Ponetza is good. Tour du Policoro is good. Like your Giro di Pulgio and final is very good.
3. Jajoejoe - Really nice Giro di Basilicata. Big circuit on Tre Valli Avellino is too hard, but still a nice route. Napoli Camopobasso is almost same as mine, so very nice. Gran Molise is solid. Il Campania is good.
2. Rmax - Really good Giro del Molise. Tre Valli Beneventane is on the hard side, but still a really good race. Napoli Ponteza profile is good, but actual finsih is impractical (in the middel of nowhere, should have finished in the center of Valgio Basilicata). I like your Gran Basilicata. Il Campania is also really nice race.
1. Davandluz - Good Emilia, very good Tre Valli. Napoli - Potenza is very solid, same goes for your Gran Basilicata. Really like your Il Campania, almost perfect route.
Will4563 - Giro di Calabria is too hard and climb on circuit too long. Tre Valli Basilicata is good. Vesuvio climb in Potenza Napoli is not steep enough. Gran Campania is very hard, bit still a interesting route. Il Basicilata has a too hard climb at the end which is too close to the finish.
Belgian44 - Good Giro di Puglia. Dont really like your Tre Valli. Vesuvio is a little too easy in. Nice route for Giro di Campania. Giro di Molise is missing long climbs and too many climbs on the route.
BETTO - Giro di Molise finish is impractical. Tre Valli has way too long climbs. Napoli Pontenza final is note similar to real route at all. Not a fan of your Gran Basilicata either. Il Campania is also little too far from the real Il Lombardia route.

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 24/10/2021, 21:38
by emmea90
Davandluz 23
Jajoejoe 16
Jibvalverde 13
Rmax85 12
Will4563 7
Belgian4444 4
Joostvandebeek -1
Giorgio.ponticelli -2
Betto -6

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 25/10/2021, 8:50
by JoostvandeBeek
How am I in the negative? I voted before the deadline

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 25/10/2021, 14:21
by Micek_52
JoostvandeBeek wrote: 25/10/2021, 8:50 How am I in the negative? I voted before the deadline
Maybe you had an impracticable route?

Re: Contest #9 - End of Season Contest [Cat. 2] - Voting

Posted: 25/10/2021, 18:14
by emmea90
Forgot to remove penalty

Right ranking is

Davandluz 23
Jajoejoe 16
Jibvalverde 13
Rmax85 12
Joostvandebeek 9
Will4563 7
Belgian4444 4
Giorgio.ponticelli -2
Betto -6