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[Improvement] Track/Tour view

Posted: 30/07/2018, 17:45
by MountainMaster
In track view, you can't see the sprint/kom/start/finish names in the map instantly like before, but only if you put the mouse arrow on the sprint/kom/start/finish. Here is two pics to show the problem, the first before put the mouse arrow on the icon, the second after put the mouse arrow on the icon: ;

In tour view happens the same thing. After you open you can see the names, but after put the mouse arrow on the icon the name disappear, and appear again if you put the mouse arrow on the icon. Other thing that happens in tour view, is that you can move the icons and put them where you want. Also, there is missing the stage transfer lines.

#Edit: Still in the tour view, the profile don't change instantly after change it in the option "Race", but only after select different profile size/x-axis.
The profile changes normally, however in the map you will see a big mess:

Re: [Improvement] Track/Tour view

Posted: 30/07/2018, 20:19
by emmea90
The second is fixed. The first one for the moment will remain in this way by design because keeping all them open generates a lot of problems.